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Frankie Sanchez

Roller Sports



Team USA Years: 1st Year

Hometown: Lake Elsinore, California

When did you begin playing hockey: 9 yrs. old

Current skating club/ Coaches name: Corona Inline- CCM Bulldogs-

Coach Ken Murchinson and Steven Boddy


High school attended:  Lakeside High in 2014

Year of graduation: 2018

Location of high school: Lake Elsinore, CA


Other awards, honors, and statistics in hockey:  Top Goalie Awards and Championship Medals

Other sports you currently participate in: Ice Hockey

Other awards and/or honors received outside of hockey: Honor Roll, Presidents Education Award, Citizenship Awards, and Outstanding Physical Education Award


Life Goals: To succeed in academics & sports throughout my years in school and college. To travel and see the world while playing the sport I love most “Hockey.”

Career goals: Doctor/Nurse or a choice Medical Specialist

Future goals you hope to obtain as a hockey player: Get a scholarship to play college hockey and Olympic hockey and be one of the 1st ladies in NHL.


Favorite sports figure: Chris Osgood #30

Favorite food before a competition: Mac N Cheese

Favorite movie: Forrest Gump

Favorite place to shop: Ebay

Favorite music to listen to during training or competition: Punk Rock

Favorite possession: My 3 Dogs

Favorite hobbies: Hockey, All Outdoor Activities

If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be: Peculiar

What makes you a unique and special person:  I’m a young hearted, caring, and a funny teen.

Who is the person you most admire/greatest influence in your life and why: My dad, we both enjoy sports together and he teaches me to be the best athlete and person that I can be.


Father’s name:  Perry Sanchez

Father’s occupation: Business Owner

Mother’s name: Brenda Sanchez

Mother’s occupation: Caregiver

Brothers: Jaran & Cash

Sisters: Ciera

Family Members Who Have Competed or Are Competing in Amateur or Professional Athletics:

Father-Perry Sanchez –Played Amateur Baseball for USA Team in 1990 and Professional Baseball  from 1990-1992