Moritz Runzi

Field Hockey

Hometown: Essen, Germany
Current Residence: Munich, Germany
Born: 1991
Joined National Team: 2010
Position: Midfield
Number: 19 


For Rünzi the balance of delicate skills and the required strength and stamina make field hockey a perfect combination. It is this equilibrium that has pushed Rünzi to strive for excellence on the pitch – from his Munich Sports Club days all the way to his first national team debut in 2010. Because for Rünzi, “second best is not an option.”


  • 2015:  World League Round 2 (7th, Chula Vista, Calif.), European Tour (Den Hague, The Netherlands & Antwerp, Belgium), Series against Argentina (Boston, Mass.), Pan American Games (5th, Toronto, Canada)
  • 2014: Summer Series against Argentina, Chile and Mexico (Chula Vista, Calif.)
  • 2013: World League Round 2 (5th, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


Nickname: Mo
High School: Goetheschule Essen, and Felsted School, Felsted, UK
Club: Munich Sportsclub
College: Technical University of Munich
Major: Economics and Mechanical Engineering 
Names of parents/guardians: Michael and Christine
Names of sibling(s): Anna and Jakob
Year you began playing field hockey: 1996
Game day mantra: Go hard or go home.
Favorite sports quote: Second best is not an option.
Best words of advice: Keep on trying.

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