Michael Rudnitsky


Name: Michael Rudnitski

Birthdate: 12/16/1995

Home: Herndon, VA

Birth Place: Jerusalem, Israel

Current Residence: Herndon, VA 

Event/Discipline: Slalom Kayak (K-1), Slalom Canoe (C-2) 

Height: 6'

School: Herndon High School (Class 2014)

Club: Potomac Whitewater Racing Center (formerly BCE)

Website: www.amazingMisha.com

Career Highlights:

  • Top K-1 and C-2 (with Elliot Bertrand) junior in 2012 and 2013 US Junior National Team

  • 5th at 2012 U.S. National Championships

  • 1st K-1 in 2012 Maryland Championship at ASCI

  • Overall 15th at 2011 Vajda Cup in U16 K-1

  • 1st at 2011 Junior Pre-World in Wausau in C2 with Liam Malakoff

  • 8th at 2011 Junior Pre-World in Wausau in K-1 Men

  • 3rd among Juniors at 2011 U.S. Open in K1 

  • 3rd at 2010 Age Group Nationals in ASCI in U16 K-1 

  • Overall 2nd at 2010 USA Junior Olympic in U16 K-1


Michael is a member of the US Junior National Team and a member of the Potomac Whitewater Racing Club in Washington DC. Michael started competing in K-1 at age 13 and in double canoe at 15. His first C2 partner was Liam Malakoff; back then Michael was a bowman; next year (2012), because Liam decided to retire from the whitewater slalom, Michael started racing C-2 as a sternman with Elliot Bertrand.

The main training ground for Michael is the Feeder Canal on the Potomac River (40 minutes from his home town) and the Dickerson course (1 hour away). His first coach for four years was Dana Chladek; now Silvan Poberaj coaches Michael and his C-2 partner, Elliot Bertrand.

At free time (if any left) Michael likes playing guitar and piano, or watch youtube, or just surf the Internet.

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