Height: 5-2
Weight: 114 lbs.
Birthplace: Manila, Philippines
High School: Granada Hills Charter H.S.
Year of Graduation: 2012
Coaches: Master Jae Ok Lee, Coach Jun Quitain, Coach Peace Lee
Dojang: Planet Infinity - More Than Medals Taekwondo

Hobbies: stargazing, writing, blogging and hanging out with the youth from her church

Family: older sister, Amber Rodriguez, is also a 2nd Dan black belt in taekwondo and has been competing since the age of 9.

Favorite Foods: Filipino, Korean, Japanese and pasta

Pre-Competition Meal: banana and protein bar

Favorite Athlete: her sister Amber Rodriguez ("She's not only great in poomsae for taekwondo, but she really inspires me to do well in school and in everything else that I do. Looking at her, despite being a very busy athlete -- she still has time to tend to her responsibilities as a daughter, and older sister, and student.")

Favorite Movies: "Facing the Giants" and "Hua Mulan" (not the Disney version)

Favorite Music: alternative, Christian/inspirational, Tagalog, and Himig Ng Lahi (one of her all-time favorite Filipino albums)

Did You Know?: Kathy's life is mostly occupied with taekwondo, church, school and family. She finds it really important to not only win in the area of taekwondo and sparring -- but also in grades at school and relationships with other people. After her career in taekwondo, Kathy aspires to be a teacher and still sees herself training and coaching taekwondo when she is older.

Quotable Kathy Rodriguez: "I've realized that the title 'Junior National Team Member' is only a bonus to what I experienced throughout this summer competing. It's really a privilege to be a part of the USA team carrying the name of our gym, Planet Infinity, as well as my race as a Filipino-American. But I just wanted to let our team know that the title is not actually mine, but is really ours. Yes, maybe I'm the one who went out there and won my fights, but it was really the reminder of our team and our families that inspired me to keep going. Without my experiences with them and what they've taught me, I wouldn't have chosen to stand up and keep walking when training became tough and furstrating. Our journey as a team continues and I'm thankful to be a part of a gym that not only raises athletes that are champions in the game, but most importantly -- teaches us how to be champions in life."

USAT National Championships (Sr. Bantam): BRONZE
USAT Buffalo National Qualifier (Sr. Bantam): GOLD
USAT Buffalo National Qualifier (Jr. Welter): GOLD

2010  U.S. Junior National Team Member (Jr. Light)
USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Light): GOLD
2010  USAT Junior Olympics (Sport Poomsae): BRONZE
2010  USAT Junior Olympics (Sport Poomsae - Pairs): GOLD
2010  USAT National Poomsae Team Trials (Pairs): Semifinals
2010  USAT Fresno National Qualifier - Sparring (Jr. Light): BRONZE
2010  California State Championships (Sport Poomsae): GOLD
2010  California State Championships (Sport Poomsae - Pair): BRONZE
2010  USAT U.S. Open (14-18 Poomsae): Top 8
2010  USAT U.S. Open (Jr. Sparring): Quarterfinals

2009  USAT U.S. Open (Jr. Poomsae): BRONZE

2008  World Taekwondo Hanmadang (Poomsae - Pair): GOLD

2007  USAT Junior Olympics (Poomsae): GOLD
2007  USAT National Qualifier (Poomsae): GOLD
2007  Las Vegas Open - Sparring (Light): SILVER
2007  Las Vegas Open - Poomsae (Light): GOLD

2005  USAT Junior Olympics - World Class Sparring: SILVER
2005  USAT Junior Olympics - Elite Open Sparring: GOLD
2005  USAT National Qualifier - Sparring: GOLD
2005  USAT National Qualifier - Poomsae: SILVER

last updated 9/28/11