John Rosen USABS, Board of Directors Chairman

John Rosen has served on the USABS Board of Directors since 2007 as a technical director and the chairman. He is an internationally licensed jury official, as well as the chairman of the FIBT ParaSport Committee. He was selected by the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee to train their non-jury volunteer officials to properly manage the bobsled/skeleton competitions for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

Rosen worked as a consultant in process optimization in healthcare automation for Omnicell Inc. He retired from this role at the end of 2014 after a 40+ year career as a technology executive in the field of healthcare automation with representative position titles of vice president of technology for emerging businesses and managing director of professional services. His education is in mathematics and computer science.


- Held a top secret clearance and worked at the Rand Corporation as a research assistant for one of the two co-inventors of sonar at the age of 17.
- His work days were strictly limited to eight hours per day, since he was under the protection of Child Labor laws in the state of California.