Micki Reeves

USA Canoe/Kayak


Name: Micki Reeves
Primary events: C1W Slalom
Height: 5’8”
Birth date: 09/10/1989
Hometown: Grand Junction, CO
Current residence: Denver, CO and Durango, CO
College/school: University of Colorado at Boulder
Club/team: I am not currently affiliated with a club, although I work with Cathy Hearn in Durango, CO who also coaches for Durango Whitewater.

2014 U.S. Senior Team Member

Career highlights:

  • US Senior Slalom National team member (2013, 2012, 2010, 2009, 2008)
  • 2012 U23 US Slalom Team Member
  • 3rd Place Overall in 2013 Pyrenees Cup Race Series
Recent results:

2014 U.S. Team Trials: 2nd
2014 U.S. Open: 1st
2013 World Championships: 32nd
2013 Final World Cup Series Rankings: 20th
2013 World Cup Final: 20th
2013 World Cup No. 4: 13th
2013 World Cup No. 3: 17th
2013 World Cup No. 2: 15th
2013 U.S. Slalom Team Trials: 2nd
3rd place 2013 Pyrenees Cup Race #1
7th place 2013 Pyrenees Cup Race #2
8th place 2013 Pyrenees Cup Race #3

2nd place US Slalom Olympic Team Trials
6th place U23 World Championships
8th place 2012 Slalom World Cup #1
10th place 2012 Slalom World Cup #2
13th place 2012 Slalom World Cup #3
14th place Australian Open

1st place US Slalom Age Group Nationals

3rd place Charlotte Open World Ranking Race
3rd place US National Slalom Team Trials
15th place 2010 Slalom World Cup #1
14th place 2010 Slalom World Cup #2
11th place 2010 Slalom World Cup #3
16th place 2010 Slalom World Championships

Nickname: Micki is my nickname. My full name is Mackenzie.

Hobbies: reading, hiking, cooking, baking, photography

Trivia: I like to make 4-course dinners once a week when I have time at home with my husband.

How’d you get started with the sport? I paddled for the first time in Grand Junction through the Great Blue Heron Canoe and Kayak Team run by Dennis Adams in late 2006.  Soon after, I began to race in the downriver discipline, competing as a K1.  With a left shoulder injury in fall of 2007, I began to paddle more canoe to allow my shoulder to rest and heal.  Since then, I have never gone back to kayaking.  In 2008, with almost no slalom experience except at a few local Colorado races, I participated in the 2008 US Slalom Olympic Team Trials, where the C1W class was introduced for the first time.  After making the US team in 2008, I fell in love with both slalom and canoeing and have never turned back.

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