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Michael Raynis



Event: Epee
Birthplace: Palmdale, Calif.
Current Residence: Chatsworth, Calif.
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 159lbs
Education: Harvard University, Westlake High School
Club: Los Angeles International Fencing Center
Coach: Gago Demirchian

Junior World Championship Teams: 2011 


  • Eighth - USA Fencing Junior Olympic Championships (U20)
  • 10th - North American Cup C (Division I)
  • 12th - North American Cup C (U20)
  • 35th - Bale Junior World Cup (U20)
  • 59th - Goteborg Junior World Cup (U20)


  • Gold - USA Fencing Summer Nationals (U19)
  • Silver - USA Fencing Junior Olympic Championships (U20)
  • Silver - North American Cup D (U20)
  • Bronze - Bale Junior World Cup (U20)
  • Sixth - Buenos Aires Senior World Cup
  • Eighth - North American Cup F (Division I)
  • 12th - Junior World Championships
  • 14th - USA Fencing Summer Nationals (Division 1)
  • 19th - North American Cup B (U20)
  • 22nd - Helsinki Junior World Cup (U20)


  • Silver - USA Fencing Summer Nationals (Division I)


Hobbies: Movies and Skateboarding
How did you start fencing?

A friend suggested I attend a fencing practice at Chaminade Middle School.

What has been your favorite moment while fencing?
The last touch of a bout in overtime can be the most facinating test of one's mental strength.

What is your motivation?
I usually work to achieve short term goals that eventually resonate into larger ones.  Each touch is something to feel proud of.

Who has influenced your fencing career?
Coaches, parents, and my younger brother have all been supportive from the start.  Famous fencers have been powerful inspirations for me.

What are your goals this year and in the future?
I would really love to medal in the Junior World Championships.  Hopefully my career in the Junior division will evolve into success in the senior division.

How do you train?
I typically take lessons, practice footwork, lift weights, and condition on a daily basis alternating between the different categories of training mentioned before.

What are some of the biggest hurdles / challenges you've had to overcome in your fencing career?
A string of low results is always discouraging.  Even individual results can seem like "omens" or signs suggesting the direction of the rest of the season.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?
I sometimes have a diet that seems beyond the limits of spicy.  This is only on occassion, however.