Discipline/Event: Wildwater; K1-W

Birthplace: Longview, Washington 
Current Residence: Chattanooga, Tennessee 
Occupation: Student 
Current school/Alma matter: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 
Family: Parents- Tom and Starr, Siblings- Colton, Bryson, Selena 
Personal Website/Blog: http://haleypoppkayak.blogspot.com/

Wildwater Information: 
How I started paddling whitewater: 
My first kayak was a Dagger Dynamo, my birthday present when I was 8 years old. When I was about 16 my dad bought Wavehoppers from Chris Hipgrave, and I quickly picked up the sport of wildwater. 
The class(es) you race: K1W 
National Results (team trials and nationals): 
Qualified in 2009 Junior Team Trials, 2009 Junior National Champion, qualified in 2009 Senior Team Trials, 2nd in 2009 Senior National Championships, qualified in 2010 Junior and Senior Team Trials, 2010 Junior National Champion, 2nd in 2010 Senior National Championships, qualified in the 2011 Junior and Senior Team Trials, 2011 Junior National Champion, 2011 Women's Overall National Champion 
International Results: 
28th in 2009 Junior World Championships in Switzerland, 33rd in 2010 Senior World Championships in Spain 
Years on the U.S. Wildwater National Team: 4 (09,10,11,12)

Other Paddling/Sports/Hobbies: I compete in slalom, creeking, and freestyle competitions. Eventually I want to compete in triathlons as well.

Personal Information:

  • Marital Status: unmarried
  • Kids: none
  • Height: 5’ 5”
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Music: Jack Johnson, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga
  • Food Favorites: Any kind of Italian dish
  • What you do to get ready for a race: Listen to music, picture my lines, BREATHE.
  • What you do after a race: Eat, talk a little too much, then promptly fall asleep.


  • Boat: Zastera Flash (Class V11)
  • Paddle: Zastera Medium Burton 204 cm
  • Helmet: Strutter by Sweet Protection
  • Spraydeck: Zastera, NRS
  • Life Jacket: Zastera, NRS
  • Paddling Clothes: NRS
  • Shoes: Keen, NRS
  • Car: ’05 Nissan Xterra
  • Favorite energy/food: Peanut butter on anything
  • Other Outdoor Gear: NRS, Liquidlogic Kayaks, Patagonia, KAVU, Nike

For more information please visit USA Wildwater, the official website for wildwater, at www.usawildwater.com.