Club: Walnut Creek
Event: Team
Height: 5-3
Date of Birth: March 9, 1987
Birthplace: New York, N.Y.
Hometown: Walnut Creek, Calif.
Current Residence: Walnut Creek, Calif.

Career Highlights:
- Nominated to the 2007 U.S. Pan American and 2008 U.S. Olympic Teams; FINA World Championships: Combo 3rd, Team Tech 5th, Team Free 5th, Duet Tech 5th; Pan American Games: Team 1st (Olympic Games qualifying event); FINA World Trophy Cup: Combo 2nd, Team 3rd
2006 - U.S. National Championships: Duet 3rd, Team 4th; Swiss Open: Team 1st, Duet 3rd; FINA World Cup: Team 4th; FINA World Trophy Cup: Combo 1st, Team 4th
2005 - Junior National Championships: Figures 2nd, Solo 2nd, Team 2nd, Trio 2nd; U.S. National Championships: Duet 4th, Team 3rd, Elements 2nd; FINA World Championships; Team 4th, Combo 5th; Junior Pan American Games: Duet 1st
2004 - Junior National Championships: Solo 2nd, Team 2nd, Figures 2nd; U.S. National Championships: Duet 5th, Team 3rd, Elements 4th; FINA Junior World Championships: Duet 2nd Team 4th

Daughter of Jenny Wong Orme...Goal has always been to compete in the 2008 Olympic Games after watching the U.S. compete in the 2000 Olympic Games...Would like to be a fashion designer...Has competed in speed swimming...Attended Diablo Valley College for one semester and hopes to continue her studies in museum studies when she is finished competing...Orme's mother is Chinese and she hopes to visit the house where her grandparents grew up, not far from Beijing.

2006 - USSS All-America Team I
2005 - USSS All-America Team I
2004 - USSS All-America Team I and USSS All-America Junior Team; Walnut Creek Aquanut Senior of the Year
2003 - USSS All-America Junior Team and All-America Team II
2002 - USSS All-America Junior Team