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Justin Nguyen

Table Tennis

Justin Nguyen


Blade and Rubber: Jun Mizutani, tEnergy 64 and 05

Highest Rating: 2435 in 2012

Coach’ Name: Jun Gao (2009-2011) and various trainers

Education: University of California in Fall 2013

Competition Records/Titles:
2012.12 US Nationals Juniors B-Team Member for 2013
2012.10 Nate Wasserman’s U18 Juniors Champion
2012.09 North America Table Tennis (NATT) Berkeley Open: U2500 Finalist
2011.12 US Nationals: U2400 Finalist and Top 12 Junior
2011.11 Nate Wasserman’s U18 Junior Finalist
2011.02 Pan Am/US Nationals Team Trial: Top 13
2010.12 US Nationals Juniors B-Team Member for 2011
2010.12 US Nationals: U2300 Finalist
2010.12 US Nationals: Mixed Doubles Semi-Finalist
2010.11 Nate Wasserman’s U15 Champion
2009.10 China Press Cup: Team Championship, 1st Place
2009.09 NATT Berkeley Open: U16 Boys Champion
2009.03 Glendale Friendship Games: U14 Champion
2008.09 Nike’s TT Junior Event, Finalist
2008.04 NATT San Diego Open: U13 Champion
2007.12 US Nationals: U1700 Champion
2007.12 US Nationals: U1600 Champion