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Mustafa Shkumbin

Team Handball

College: University of Prishtina, Gibbs College
New York City Handball Club
Center Back
Prishtina, Kosova
Current Residence:
New York, NY
USA Team Handball Career
2014: Named to Men's National Team
Individual Career
2013: U.S. Nationals, 2nd place
2013: Tar Heel Invitational, 1st place
2013: Tournoi de l'Action de Grace, 2nd place
2013: Coney Island Beach Handball, 1st place
2013: London International Cup, 1st place
2013: 54th Annual Sportsfest, 1st place
2013: Montreal Beach Handball, 3rd place
2013: Northeast League, 1st place
2013: West Point Invitational, 1st place
2013: Big Apple, 3rd place
2012: U.S. Nationals, 1st place
2012: Tar Heel Invitational, 1st place
2012: Northeast League, 1st place
2012: West Point Invitational, 1st place
2012: Big Apple, 4th place
2011: U.S. Nationals, 1st place
2011: 52nd Annual Sportsfest, 1st place
2011: Northeast League, 1st place
2011: West Point Invitational, 1st place
2011: Big Apple, 2nd place
2010: U.S. Nationals, 3rd place
2010: Northeast League, 1st place
2010: West Point Invitational, 1st place
2010: Big Apple, 4th place
2009: U.S. Club Nationals, 1st place
2009: Northeast League, 1st place
2009: West Point Invitational, 1st place
2008: West Point Invitational, 2nd place
2007: U.S. Club Nationals, 1st place
2007: Northeast League, 1st place
2006: Northeast League, 1st place
2005: U.S. Club Nationals, 3rd place
1997: Kosovo National Championship, 1st place

Mustafa competed at national championships in tennis, chess, and handball. In 1997, he became Kosovo National Champions the same year he was a member of the National Championship handball team. That same year, he finished second in the national chess competition. Mustafa worked as a tennis professional at some of the best clubs in New York and Connecticut while finishing a two-year college degree in visual communications in Norwalk, Ct. Mustafa worked as a general manager of a fashion brand in New York and for the last few years has owned a small boutique branding and advertising company called Init New York. Since 2007 he has served as president of New York City Handball Club and organizer of the largest international handball tournament in the U.S., "Big Apple". While working as a sports editor, Shkumbin studied sports science and physical education at the University of Prishtina. Shkumbin lived in New York City with his two children, Sofia and Noah.

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