Name: Rebecca Moody

Goal: To compete in the Olympic Games

Athletic Achievements: 2013 UANA Pan American Championships Team 1st, Duet 2nd; 2013 FINA World Championships Solo 13th; 2013 U.S. Junior National Championships Team 1st, Solo 2nd, Duet 1st; 2012 FINA World Junior Championships Team 9th; 2012 U.S. Junior Open Duet 2nd

Getting to know Rebecca Moody

Best book you've ever read: “Everything Mattersby  Ron Currie Jr.

Favorite food: Grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup

Favorite movie: Disney's “Tangled”

Favorite actor/actress: Natalie Portman

Top songs on your iPod: "Chocolate" by The 1975, "Fast Car" by Tracy Chapman

Most “embarrassing” song on your iPod: "I Got Nerve" by Hannah Montana

Person who had the most influence on me becoming a synchronized swimmer: Chris Carver

One thing about me that would surprise most people: I come from a family of six girls; I am the middle child (fourth born)

Favorite animal: White bengal tiger

What do you like to do in your spare time? I enjoy reading, writing, baking, and playing contemporary music on the piano.

Are you a morning person, afternoon person or night person? My favorite times of the day are the in between periods. There is something about watching the sun rise/set that makes me feel like something great is about to happen.

What is your hometown best known for? Technology

What is your favorite subject in school? Mathematics

If you could have one super power, what would it be? The ability to instantly transport myself through time and space.