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Matthew Morales


Height: 5-9
Weight: 157
Birthplace: Miami, Fla.
High School: John A. Ferguson Senior High (Miami, Fla.)
Year of Graduation: 2013
Coach: Juan Moreno
Dojang: Peak Performance

Hobbies: playing video games, going out with friends, Facebook, watching TV and sleeping

Favorite Foods: sushi, burritos, pizza, seafood and milkshakes

Pre-Competition Meal: oatmeal

Favorite Athlete: Tom Brady

Favorite Movie: "Takers"

Favorite Music: techno house, rap

Did You Know?: Matthew's favorite vacation is to cruise with family and friends.

Quotable Chad Johnnie: "If you're not first, you're last."

2012  USAT Jr. National Team Member (Middle)
  USAT National Championships (Jr. Middle): GOLD
2012  Junior World Championships (Middle -73kg): Round of 32
            -lost to David Dragisic (SWE), 10-2, in Round of 32
2012  U.S. Open (Jr. Middle): GOLD
          -def. Raphael Salvail (CAN), 3-0, in quarterfinals
          -def. Taylor Reed (USA), 4-1, in semifinals
          -def. Andrew Snow (USA), 1-0, in finals

2012  Junior World Championships Team Member (Middle)
Junior World Championships Open Team Trials (Jr. Middle): 1st

2011  AAU Junior National Team Member (Jr. Middle)
AAU Junior Team Trials (Jr. Middle): 1st
2011  USAT Junior National Team Trials (Jr. Middle): 2nd

USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Middle): BRONZE
2011  AAU Junior Nationals (Jr. Middle): BRONZE
2011  USAT Minnesota State Championships (Jr. Middle): SILVER
2011  AAU Florida State Qualifier (Jr. Middle): GOLD

AAU Junior Team Trials (Jr. Lt. Middle): 2nd
2010  AAU Junior Nationals (Jr. Lt. Middle): GOLD
2010  USAT Florida State Championships (Jr. Lt. Middle): GOLD
2010  AAU Florida State Qualifier (Jr. Lt. Middle): GOLD

2009  AAU Junior Team Trials (Jr. Light): 3rd
2009  AAU Junior Nationals (Jr. Light): BRONZE
2009  USAT Florida State Championships (Jr. Light): GOLD
2009  AAU Florida State Qualifier (Jr. Light): GOLD

2008  AAU Junior Nationals (12-13): BRONZE
2008  USAT U.S. Open Championships (12-13): GOLD
2008  USAT U.S. Open Championships (12-13 Forms): GOLD
2008  AAU Florida State Qualifier (12-13): SILVER
2008  USAT Florida State Championships (12-13): GOLD

2007  USAT Junior Olympics (12-13): Quarterfinals
2007  AAU Junior Nationals (12-13): BRONZE
2007  AAU Florida State Qualifier (12-13): GOLD
2007  USAT Florida State Championships (12-13): SILVER

2006  USAT Junior Olympics (12-13): SILVER
2006  USAT Junior Olympics (12-13 Forms): SILVER
2006  USAT Florida State Championships (12-13): GOLD

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