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Ivonne Mosquera-Schmidt



Hometown: New York City, NY

Resides: Philadelphia, PA

College: Stanford University

Height: 5FT

Weight: 92LBS

Birthdate: 05/07/1977

Birth Place: Colombia

Elite Triathlon Career Highlights: National Champion in the TRI6 category at the Olympic Distance Triathlon from 2007-2010
Gold Metal in Tri6 category at the 2009 Worlds Championships in Australia (Gold Coast)
Silver Metal in Tri6 category at the 2010 World Championships (Budhapest Hungary)

Athletic Background: Danced Ballet, Tap, and Jazz with the National Dance Institute in New York City; performed at the Kenedy Center in Washington D.C., at Linclon Center, Madison Square Garden, World Trade Center's Winter Gardens, and Brooklyn Academy Magestic Theater. Ivonne picked up running in 2001. With the support of many guides and volunteers, she has climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, completed twelve Marathons (running her personal best of 3:22 in the 2008 Boston Marathon), and has begun to compete in Triathlons and ultra marathons.

Ivonne is a member of the Athena New York women's running team, and the USA Triathlon Team of Paratriathletes. She was the visually impaired women's 5K champion in the 2009 Vision 5K race, and is the US National Visually Impaired Female Triathlon Champion in the Olympic Distance triathlon. Her hobbies also include yoga, cross-country skiing, rock climbing, and singing.

Personal: Ivonne has two older sisters, Sandra and Liliana, and 3 nephews and 1 niece. Her parents are Consuelo and Cristobal, and the whole family still resides in New York City. Ivonne married Gerald John Schmidt in April of 2010, and the two enjoy cycling, hiking, and taking walks together. She has learned tremendous amounts about farming, gardening, nutrition, and cycling-including proper gearing/shifting and repairing flats- from her husband, and is greatful for all of his unwavering support.

Mosquera-Schmidt is a chocoholic, and so always has a cup of hot chocolate every morning, even on race day. Ivonne aims to live life holistically, always aware of her spirit, mind and body. To keep nerves under control, Ivonne uses meditation and Reiki- she is a certified Reiki master. She says she got involved in triathlon to take on a challenge someone had given her, and then grew to embrace the excitement of each part of the race and each transition. Ivonne discovered that through triathlons and her athletics in general, she could also serve as a rollmodel and source of inspiration for people across the world, especially individuals with disabilities. "If I can touch one person's life at a time. That's priceless, and the world instantly becomes a better place for all of us!" For more about Ivonne, who is currently a Project Manager with The Dow Chemical Company, visit her website at