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Sarah Massey

Roller Sports

Sarah Massey


Team USA Years:  2nd year as a Team USA member

Hometown:  Berea, OH

Personal website/social media pages   Facebook and Instagram

When did you begin Skating: Started at age 18 months, First competition 2 weeks after 4th birthday  

Current skating club/ Coaches name: Country Skateland , Brenda Massey and Amanda Maddock

Are you sponsored and if so, by whom:  NO

Occupation, current employer: 


High school attended:  Junior at Berea / Midpark High

Year of graduation:  2016

Location of high school: Berea High

Sports you competed in while in high school (include number of years):  A varsity cheerleader and a member of the competition cheerleading squad


Other high school activities:  Choir

College attended:

Year of graduation:


Sports you competed in while in college (include number of years):


Other college activities


Olympic Experience:

Pan American/World Games/International Experience

Team USA awards, honors and statistics:


Other awards, honors, and statistics in skating:  I’ve had multiple placements on the national level in various disciplines every year since I was six years old…


Other sports you currently participate in:

Other awards and/or honors received outside of skating:  I have been recognized by the board of education for my success at nationals and again after Taiwan.  I have received the Presidential Award of Academic both after graduation elementary school with straight A’s then Middle School.  I have been on the Principal’s Roll for straight A’s every quarter except two in my life.


Life Goals:  Would love a career in performing arts/dance


Career goals:  A career in performing arts/dance but math is my favorite subject..I’m in honors pre-calculus and love it and would love a career with numbers, an actuary


Future goals you hope to obtain as a Skater:  I will work and train hard and someday would love to hold a World medal and stand on that podium!!!



Favorite sports figure: Tanja Romano

Favorite food before a competition:  OLIVE GARDEN

Favorite movie:  All the scream movies  

Favorite place to shop:

Favorite music to listen to during training or competition:

Favorite possession:  My Edea Skates (My Flys)

Favorite hobbies: Skating and Dancing and Cheerleading

If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be:  Determined

What makes you a unique and special person:  I am able to juggle a REALLY packed schedule constantly and manage my time well.  I love school a lot…but really love snow days, too!!  My mom can count on me to perform at the drop of a hat in skating….for a big birthday party at the rink once I actually did my short program in jeans!!  I think that day my mom picked up two primary girls!!


Who is the person you most admire/greatest influence in your life and why: My mom…for inspiring me to be the best I can be each and every day.  My Mom has had the greatest influence in my life for teaching me to always follow my heart and follow my dreams.



Father’s name:  Everett Massey

Father’s occupation: Retired from computer programming

Mother’s name:   Brenda Massey

Mother’s occupation: Skating Instructor/costume designer and Freelance Writer


Sisters: Amanda Maddock, Chanda Florentine, and Melissa Kuhn

Spouse’s name (if married):

Children’s name and ages:

Family Members Who Have Competed or Are Competing in Amateur or Professional Athletics:  All of my sisters competed and now they coach and my mom is a coach.