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Zachary Lokken



Event/Discipline: Canoe Slalom, C1
Hometown: Durango, Colorado
Birthdate: 3/25/1994
Height: 5'9"
Education: Attending Central Piedmont Community College
Club: Nantahala Racing Club 
Social Media: or follow on Twitter @ZachLokken

2015 U.S. Senior National Team & 2015 Under-23 National Team Member

Career Highlights:

  • 2015 U.S. National Team Trials: 3rd in C1 and 3rd in C2 with Michal Smolen
  • 2015 U.S. Open: 2nd in C1 and 2nd in C2 with Michal Smolen
  • 2014 ICF World Championships: 21st in C1
  • 2014 World Cup Final: GOLD in Team C1 with Casey Eichfeld and Fabien Lefevre
  • 2013 Under-23 World Championships: 9th in C1
  • 2013 Pan American Championships: GOLD in C1
  • 2012 U.S. National Championships: 2nd in C1
  • GOLD at 2011 Vadja Teen Cup No. 2 (Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia) in U18 Men's C-1, GOLD at Teen Cup No. 3 (Solkan, Slovenia), SILVER at Teen Cup No. 4 (Tacen, Slovenia)

Other Results:

  • 2015 World Cup No. 2: 30th in C1
  • 2015 World Cup No. 1: 31st in C1
  • 2015 ICF Canoe Slalom Junior & U23 World Championships: 27th in C1 and 7th in Team
  • 2014 British Open: 18th in C1
  • 2014 U.S. National Championships: 5th in C1
  • 2014 World Cup Final: 41st in C1
  • 2014 World Cup No. 4: 34th in C1
  • 2014 World Cup No. 3: 40th in C1
  • 2014 World Cup No. 1: 47th in C1
  • 2014 ICF Junior & U23 World Championships: 17th in C1 U23, 7th in C2 U23 with Tyler Hinton
  • 2014 U.S. Team Trials: 3rd in C1
  • 2014 U.S. Open: 2nd in C1
  • 2014 Oceania Championships: 26th in C1
  • 2013 World Championships: 39th in C1
  • 2013 Final World Cup Series Rankings: 30th in C1
  • 2013 World Cup Final: 19th, 5th in Team C1
  • 2013 World Cup No. 4: 30th in C1
  • 2013 World Cup No. 2: 33rd in C1
  • 2013 World Cup No. 1: 18th in C1
  • 2013 U.S. Slalom Team Trials: 3rd in C1
  • 2013 US Open: 1st in C1


  • Nickname: "Bug"
  • Hobbies: Skiing, long-boarding, and some other stuff.
  • Favorite Quote: "The sky is the limit..."
  • How he started: My whole family had some role in the sport of slalom either as an athlete or as part of the race organization. My two older siblings, Wil and Josh, both paddled kayak and raced slalom, while my parents worked as both judges and organizers. Currently, my mom, Angela, is an ICF judge and my dad, Eric, is an ICF video judge at many major international events, including the Olympics.
  • In 2012, "Bug" moved from Durango, CO to Charlotte, NC to train at the U.S. National Whitewater Center and to be closer to his coach, Rafal Smolen. He is currently going to school to become a nurse. 

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