Height: 6'0
Position: Outfield
Hometown: Lindenhurst, NY
School: Hofstra University
Graduation: 2007

Previous ASA Teams
Gartner, ADCO Electric, Gremlins, PA Power

ASA Career Highlights
2004 Major Modified Second Team All American
2005 Major Modified First Team All American
2006 Class C National Champion
2006 Class C Home Run Champion
2008 Class B First Team All American/Batting & Home Run Champion
2010 Men's Major Second Team All American

Who's your favorite pro-sports team? NY Mets and Giants
Who's your favorite athlete? Eli Manning
What's your favorite movie? Caddyshack
What's your favorite TV show? NCIS, Smallville, Seinfield, The Mentalist
What's your favorite food? Italian

Three people you'd like to have dinner with: The President, Eli Manning, My Father
Three things you hate doing: Mowing the lawn, Waiting in lines, Going to funerals