Celeste Loyatho

USA Roller Sports

2011 Womens Inline Hockey World Team Member

Celeste Loyatho of San Juan Capistrano, California is a member of the 2010 Women’s Inline Hockey World team, who took home the bronze medal from the FIRS World Championships in Beroun, Czech Republic July 2- July 8.  Celeste has been a member on several medal winning teams in 2010: 2010 State Wars -Team California Gold Medalist, 2010 Revision Pandemonium - NARCh Finals Girls Sliver Medalist, 2010 Team Revision Women’s Platinum - NARCh Finals Silver Medalist.  She was also the 2010 FIRS Team USA point leader and was named the 2010 State Wars league MVP.  Celeste currently skates for the Revision Devil Dogs and is sponsored by Revision Hockey.

Celeste "Cheese" Loyatho
2010 Women's Inline Hockey Team USA Member

Hometown: San Juan Capistrano, California

Current residence: San Juan Capistrano, California

Email: Celeste87@revisionhockey.com 

High school attended: Saddleback Christian Academy (Home schooled)

Year of graduation: 2010

Location of high school: Mission Viejo, California 
Sports you competed in while in high school (include number of years):  Inline Hockey (4 years)

Other high school activities: Film, Art, Productions, Choir, Music

College attending: Saddleback College 

Occupation, current employer:  949 Roller Hockey Center

Current skating club: Team Revision, Revision Devil Dogs, out of The 949 Roller Hockey Center

Coaches name: Nabeel Gerges 

When did you begin skating: I began skating at a very young age, my first hockey game was at age 8 and my first tournament was age 12, my first womens tournament wasnt till I was 15. 

Are you sponsored and if so, by whom: Revision Hockey

Future goals you hope to obtain as a skater: Continue playing for Team USA and bring home a gold medal from worlds and to win a NARCh cup. My goal is to be the best I can be on the rink and help my team as best I can to get that gold medal. 

Awards, honors and statistics received in roller sports:

  • 2010 FIRS Team USA - Member 
  • 2010 FIRS Team USA - Points Leader
  • 2010 FIRS Team USA - Bronze Medalist
  • 2010 Team Revision Womens Platinum - NARCh Finals Silver Medalist
  • 2010 Team Revision - NARCh Winternationals Womens Platinum  
  • 2010 Revision Pandemonium - NARCh Finals Girls Sliver Medalist 
  • 2010 Statewars -Team California Gold Medalist
  • 2010 Statewars - League MVP
  • 2009 & 2010 Statewars Team America Recipient
  •  2009 Team Revision - NARCh Womens Platinum
  • 2009 Statewars - Team California Bronze Medalist 
  • 2008 NARCh Winternationals Peewee Gold Medalist
  •  2007 Pacific Cup Finals - Peewee Silver medal 

Other awards and/or honors received outside of roller sports: 
Directors Award presented by Lori Loftus of the Southern California Childrens Chorus. 

Other sports you currently participate in: Ice Hockey

Who is your favorite sports figure: Wayne Gretzky, Joe Sakic, Sydney Crosby,  Lance Armstrong,  Shaun White,  Shawn Johnson, Hillary Knight, Erika Lawler, Angel Ruggiero and Julie Chu.

Who is the person you most admire/greatest influence in your life and why: My mother and father obviously. My mom is the coolest chick, she is so funny and has taught me more things than anyone in the world, I can take her anywhere to meet any of my friends and they all tell me how great she is! Everyday she reminds me to smile for someone and make their day. My father is so unique. So full of wisodom. He teaches me how to be patient in every situation. I would never have been able to do the things I have without him! My parents are the greatest influences in my life AND the people I admire most. 

List your hobbies:
Scuba diving
Horseback riding
Playing guitar
Playing sports 

What music do you listen to during training or competition? Music that pumps me up. Eminem, Fort Minor, Blink 182, Yellowcard, Pink, Linkin Park, Coheed and Cambria, Tickle me Pink, ACDC, All-American Rejects. 

What makes you a unique and special person: I am a very driven person, Im a quick learner, never judge people and always try to be there for people who need help. I am always myself and not what others want me to be.

Do you have any nicknames: My most famous nickname in the hockey world is Cheese. However others also call me Chop, Toe, Cele, or C.

Favorite food before a competition: In n Out : )

Favorite movie: Oh geezzz TOO MANY! Fools Gold, Inception, Braveheart, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, The Hangover, Stick it... and the list goes on...

Favorite place to shop: Beach Works, Pac Sun, Macy's, Kohls, or sometimes Ross ; )

Most prized possession: My first USA Jersey or a large drawing of a horse that I drew for my sister. 

If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be: Real

Father’s name:  Joseph Loyatho

Father’s occupation: Land Surveying 

Mother’s name: Denise Loyatho

Mother’s occupation: Full time mom

Brothers: Niko Loyatho

Sisters: Celine Loyatho