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Fabien Lefevre


  • 2004
  • 2008

Current Residence: Bethesda, Maryland
Hometown: Pau, France
Disciplines: Canoe Slalom, K1 and C1
: 06/18/1982
Family: Married with two kids
Club: Potomac Whitewater Racing Club
Coaches: Silvan Poberaj & Rafal Smolen

2014 U.S. Senior National Team Member: K1 Men and C1 Men

Olympic Results:
  • 2008: Silver in K1 for France
  • 2004 : Bronze in K1 for France

Results for USA:
  • 2014 World Championships: GOLD in C1, 10th in K1
  • 2014 World Cup Final: 27th in K1, 8th in C1, GOLD in Team C1 with Casey Eichfeld and Zach Lokken 
  • 2014 World Cup No. 4: 6th in K1, 13th in C1
  • 2014 World Cup No. 2: 33rd in K1, 15th in C1
  • 2014 World Cup No. 1: 18th in K1, 17th in C1
  • 2014 U.S. National Team Trials: 1st in K1, 1st in C1
  • 2013 World Championships: 4th in K1, 29th in C1
  • 2013 Final World Cup Series Rankings: 5th in K1, 13th in C1
  • 2013 World Cup Final: 7th in K1, 15th in C1, SILVER in Team K1
  • 2013 World Cup No. 4: 12th in K1, 4th in C1
  • 2013 World Cup No. 3: 5th in K1, 27th in C1
  • 2013 World Cup No. 2: 14th in K1, 22nd in C1
  • 2013 World Cup No. 1: BRONZE in K1, 14th in C1
  • 2013 U.S. Team Trials: 1st in K1, 2nd in C1

World Championships Results for France:
  • World Champion 2002 (K1) & 2003 (K1)
  • World Silver Medallist 2005 (K1), 2010 (C2) & 2011 (C2)
  • Bronze Medallist 2011 (K1) 
Team races:
  • World Champion 2005 (K1), 2006 (K1), 2010(C2), 2011(C2)
  • World Silver Medallist 2010 (K1), 2011 (K1)
  • Bronze Medallist 2002 (K1)

Fabien took to the water in 1989 at age seven. At 21, he was double World K1 Champion. Olympic Bronze and Silver followed..

Right after the 2008 Olympics, he hit on an innovative challenge. He would race in different classes. His decision opened a new door for his sport. The idea caught on, other athletes doubled up. The K1 or C1 "doubler" was born.

Fabien set his sights on an historic Olympic treble in London 2012. His target with fellow doubler and C2 partner was 3 medals. The duo won World Championship C2 silver in 2010. The duo won C2 silver again in 2011, Fabien took K1 bronze, his partner won the 2011 World C1 title... It was an historic World Championship treble, London 2012 beckoned. The adventure ended, abruptly, at the French Olympic trials.
After the 2012 Olympic trials, Fabien opened a new chapter in his carreer. The man who made his name in K1 is now racing in individual canoe (C1) as well. His aim is nothing less than Olympic gold in Rio 2016. It is the one major slalom title that has so far eluded him. His new project is a fresh start, in more ways than one. After 10 years with Team France, he is moving on. He, his wife and two kids are settling in Washington DC. Henceforth, it’s a project and a dream he shares with USA Canoe/Kayak!

Hobbies: Playing guitar, practicing sports with my son
In the Community: Try to spend time on the water with the kids from the club

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