Autumn Lee

USA Roller Sports

Autumn Lee of Poulsbo, Washington, is a 6 time member of USARS Women’s Rink Hockey Team USA, and is a multiple time Rink Hockey National Champion, including winning the 2012 Gold Medal in the Ladies division.  She was also apart of Team USA that competed in the 2012 XI Ladies Rink Hockey World Championships in Recife, Brazil.  She current plays for the Bremerton Hurricanes Hockey Club.  USARS would like to wish her good luck on the 2013 hockey season.

Team USA Years:5

Hometown:Poulsbo, Wa

Current residence:Poulsbo, Wa

Personal website/journal/web log (blog) address:

Education:High school diploma

High school attended:North Kitsap High School

Year of graduation: 2009

Location of high school:Poulsbo Wa
Sports you competed in while in high school (include number of years):

Other high school activities:Leadership

Occupation, current employer:Bremerton Skateland  

Career goals:Undecided

Current skating club:Bremerton Hurricanes

Coaches name:Aaron (Frankie) Lee

When did you begin skating:When i was 2 or 3 and started walking

Future goals you hope to obtain as a skater:to win the world championships

Team USA Sport Accomplishments:8th in 2006, 4th in 2008, and 8th in 2010 at worlds

Awards, honors and statistics received in roller sports: Hockey Achievement award for placing fourth at a world championship, and USOC female skater of the year

Other awards and/or honors received outside of roller sports:
Making a state select fastpitch team when i was younger

Who is your favorite sports figure: Lance Armstrong

Who is the person you most admire/greatest influence in your life and why:
My dad. He has been there with me through everything he is my coach and my role model and has taught me everything i know and i live my life to be just like him!

List your hobbies: Skating, playing hockey

What music do you listen to during training or competition?rock and hardcore music

What makes you a unique and special person:i put all of my heart into a sport that most people dont know about, i teach little kids to play, and i work my hardest

Favorite food before a competition:Olive garden breadsticks and pasta

Favorite movie:She's out of your league

Favorite place to shop:American Eagle

Most prized possession:my dog

If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be:determined

Anything else you would like us to know about you:ive played hockey since i was about five years old

Family Information:

Father’s name: Aaron (Frankie)

Father’s occupation: owner of Bremerton Skateland

Mother’s name: Teresa

Mother’s occupation: co-owner of Bremerton Skateland

Sisters: Ashley and Kennedy

Pan American Games: my dad aaron

Other Events/Sports: dad aaron and ashley and kennedy have gone to worlds many times. dad been to us olympic festivals and a world games and cup of nations