Stephen Lambdin


Height: 6-2
Weight: 220 pounds
Birthplace: Rockwall, Texas
High School: Colleyville Heritage H.S. ('06)
College: California Lutheran University
Coach: Jason Poos
Dojang: Poos Taekwondo

WTF World Ranking on 12/1/15: 9th (+87kg)

Named USA Taekwondo 2005 Male Junior Athlete of the Year...competed in track and cross country for two years in high school...his hobbies include running...favorite foods are Korean and Mexican...eats a big omelet prior to competition...favorite athlete is Steven Lopez...favorite movie is
Old School...enjoys all types of music...lists Germany as his favorite country visited for competition.

-2010 USA Taekwondo Male Athlete of the Year
-2008 NCTA Male Athlete of the Year
-2007 NCTA Outstanding Freshman Male Athlete of the Year
-2005 USA Taekwondo Male Junior Athlete of the Year 

Competition Record:
2016  U.S. Olympic Team Member (+80kg)
Pan American Olympic Qualification Tournament (+80kg): SILVER
          -def. Jesus Perea Tarira (ECU), 3-2, in quarterfinals
          -def. Marc Andre Bergeron (CAN), 2-1, in semifinals
          -lost to Yunier Rafael Alba Castillo (CUB), by WDR, in finals
2016  Canada Open (+87kg): BRONZE
2016  Olympic Trials (+80kg): 1st
          -def. Mark Lopez, 2-1

2015  WTF World Grand Prix Series 3 - Manchester (+80kg): Round of 16
          -def. Alexander Bachmann (GER), 3-1, in Round of 32
          -lost to Radik Isaev (AZE), 1-0, in Round of 16
2015  WTF World Taekwondo Championships (+87kg): Quarterfinals
          -def. Yi Yang (CHN), 4-3 (OT), in Round of 32
          -def. Arman-Marshall Silla (BLR), 3-0 (RSC), in Round of 16
lost to Anthony Obame (GAB), 3-1, in Quarterfinals
2015  Pan Am Games Team Trials (+80kg): 2nd

2014  USA Taekwondo National Team Trials (men’s heavy): FIRST
2014  U.S. National Team member (Heavy)

WTF Grand Prix Final (men’s +80kg): Round of 16

2012 U.S. Open (Heavy): BRONZE
         -def. Nilson De Macena (USA), WDR, in round of 16
         -def. Mahama Cho (FRA), 6-3, in quarterfinals
         -lost to Pascal Gentil (FRA), 3-1, in semifinals

2011  Pan Am Games (Heavy +80kg): BRONZE
          -def. Carlos Alejandro Canas (COL), 4-0, in Round of 16
          -def. Salvador Perez (MEX), 4-3, in Quarterfinals
          -lost to Juan Carlos Diaz (VEN), 7-3, in Semifinals

2011  World University Games Team Member (Heavy)
2011  World Taekwondo Championships (Heavy): Round of 16
          -def. Oleg Kuznetcov (RUS), 7-4, in Round of 64
          -def. Salvador Perez Rodriguez (MEX), 6-2, in Round of 32
          -lost to Chol Ho Jo (KOR), 4-0, in Round of 16

National Collegiate Championships (Heavy): GOLD
2011  Pan Am Games Team Member (Middle/Heavy)
Pan Am Games Qualifier (Middle/Heavy): Qualified
          -def. Carlos Liebig (CHI) 13-1

2011  U.S. National Team Member (Heavy)
U.S. National Team Trials (Heavy): 1st

British Open (Heavy): GOLD
Pan Am Games Team Trials (Middle/Heavy): 1st
2010  USAT National Championships (Heavy): GOLD
2010  U-24 National Team Member (Heavy)
U-24 National Team Trials (Heavy): 1st
2010  Spanish Open (Heavy): GOLD
2010  National Collegiate Championships (Heavy): GOLD

  USAT Colorado Springs National Qualifier (Heavy): GOLD

2009  U-24 National Team Member (Heavy)
U-24 National Team Trials (Heavy): 1st

2008  Korean Open (Heavy): BRONZE
2008  World University Championships (Heavy): BRONZE
2008  U.S. Senior Nationals (Heavy): BRONZE
2008  Collegiate World Trials (Heavy): 1st
2008  National Collegiate Championships (Heavy): GOLD
2008  Houston National Qualifier (Heavy): GOLD
2008  U.S. Open (Heavy): GOLD

2007  U.S. Senior Nationals (Heavy): GOLD
2007  World University Games Trials (Heavy): 1st
2007  National Collegiate Championships (Heavy): GOLD
2007  Sr. National Team Trials (Heavy): 2nd
2007  Pan Am Games Trials (Middle/Heavy): 3rd

2006  Pan Am Championships (Heavy): SILVER
2006  Sr. National Team Trials (Heavy): 1st

2005  U.S. Senior Nationals (Heavy): BRONZE
2005  Pan Am Junior Championships (Heavy): GOLD
2005  Junior National Team Member (Heavy)
2005  U.S. Open (Heavy): BRONZE

2004  U.S.  Senior Nationals: GOLD
2004  Ft. Worth International (Sr. Division): GOLD
2004  Ft. Worth International (Jr. Division): GOLD
2004  Poos Brothers (Sr. Division): SILVER
2004  Tekno Atlantic Games (Sr. Division): GOLD
2004  Junior World Championships: BRONZE
2004  Junior World Team Trials: GOLD
2004  Junior Olympics: GOLD
2004  America's Cup: SILVER
2004  AAU Texas State Regional: GOLD
2004  U.S. Open (Seniors): QUARTERFINALS
2004  U.S. Open (Juniors): BRONZE

Jr. Black Belt Festival: GOLD
2003  Friendship Games: GOLD
2003  Ft. Worth International (Jr. Division): GOLD
2003  Texas Jr. State: GOLD
2003  Junior Olympics: GOLD

2002  Jr. World Team Member
2002  U.S. Open (Juniors): GOLD
2002  Junior Olympics: GOLD
2002  Ft. Worth International (Jr. Division): GOLD
2002  Texas Jr. State: GOLD

2001  Ft. Worth International (Jr. Division): GOLD
2001  U.S. Open (Juniors): SILVER
2001  Texas Jr. State: GOLD

2000  Ft. Worth International (Jr. Division): GOLD

1999  Texas Jr. State: GOLD

1998  Texas Jr. State: GOLD
1998  Junior Olympics: SILVER

1997  Texas Jr. State: GOLD
1997  Junior Olympics: GOLD

1996  Texas Jr. State: GOLD
1996  Junior Olympics: GOLD

last updated 3/16/2016

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