Name: Rachel Lau

Hometown: Cupertino, Calif.

Club affiliation: Santa Clara Aquamaids

Awards/Honors: Honors Student, Gway Sen Association Scholarship Award

Goal: To compete for the USA in the 2020 Olympic Games and beyond

Athletic Achievements: 2015 China Open Team 1st, Combo 1st, Figures 1st; 2015 U.S. 13-15 National Championships Team 2nd, Combo 1st, Solo 8th; 2014 Mediterranean Cup Combo 3rd, Team 4th, Duet 5th; 2014 UANA Pan American Championships Duet 1st, Team 1st; 2014 Age Group Championships Duet 1st, Trio 1st, Team 1st; 2013 Jr/Sr Championships Combo 4th; 2012 eSynchro Age Group Championships Team 3rd; 2011 UANA Pan American Championships Team 1st; 2011 eSynchro Age Group Championships Team 3rd

Fun facts

Favorite song: “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars

Favorite food: Boba Tea

Favorite sport (besides synchro): Acrobatic gymnastics

Her perfect day off: Netflix and sleep

Favorite movie: “The Avengers”

Favorite TV show: “Flash”

If Rachel were ... (she would be)

An animal: Pug

A time of the day: Sunrise

A season: Fall

A dessert: Anything matcha flavored related

A brand: Nike

A hot beverage: Peppermint hot chocolate

A metal: Platnium

A super hero: Elasti-Girl

A super power: The ability to teleport/manipulate time

A color: Maroon/Lavender

A city: San Francisco

A vacation destination: Hawaii