Weight Category: 48kg and 52kg
Current Residence: Glenville, N.Y.
Education: Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies from San Diego State University; Master's degree in Education Technology from the University of Texas - Brownsville
Club: USA Judo National Training Site at the Jason Morris Judo Center
Coach: Jason Morris 

Personal: Lafon competed as a junior player, but quit as a teenager to focus on soccer where she was a standout player in Southern California.  At 24, Lafon returned to elite competition and won a silver medal at the National Championships in her first major tournament in the 52kg division.  In 2007, Lafon moved down to the 48kg division and had quick success, moving up to a top-four ranking within three months.  In 2008, Lafon defeated seven-time National Champion Sayaka Matsumoto to win her first Senior National title.  Lafon's older sister Valerie Gotay also was a top elite competitor who fought at the 1992 Olympic Games in the 48kg division and the 2008 Olympic Games in the 57kg division.  

Senior Pan American Championship Teams: 2009 (Fifth)

Recent Career Highlights 


  • Bronze - USA Judo Senior National Championships 


  • Gold - Rendez-Vous Canada (52kg)
  • Silver - USA Judo Senior National Championships (48kg)
  • Bronze - U.S. Open (52kg)
  • Fifth - Pan American Championships (48kg)


  • Gold - USA Judo Senior National Championships (48kg)
  • Silver - Rendez-Vous Canada (48kg)
  • Silver -Finland Open (48kg)
  • Bronze - U.S. Open (48kg)
  • Fifth - Golden Judoguis Championships (48kg)
  • Fifth - Sweden Open (48kg)


  • Gold - Golden State Open (48kg)
  • Silver - Rendez-Vous Canada (48kg)
  • Fifth - U.S. Open (48kg)
  • Fifth - USA Judo Senior National Championships (52kg)


  • Gold - Benito Juarez Championships (52kg)
  • Silver - USA Judo Senior National Championships (52kg)


  • Silver - USA Judo Senior National Championships (52kg)
  • Silver -Benito Juarez Championships (52kg)
  • Bronze - Irish Open (52kg)