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David Kyle



City of Residence: Athens, Alabama
College: Lee University and University North Alabama (Grad)
Height: 6’ 4”
Weight: 170lbs
Years competing in Triathlon: 6

Personal: I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2002 and completely devastated both physically and emotionally by the disease.  In 2003, I got involved with ParaTriathlon to cope with the disease.  I also enjoy a good family trip through the trails in my Jeep.
Triathlon Career: Member of USAT ParaTriathlon team 2005-2008. USAT National Champion in 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008. ITU World Champion in 2007, silver in 2008, bronze in 2006, 4th in 2005. XTERRA World Champion in 2008.
Athletic Background: I never considered myself much of an athlete, but I competed in BMX stunt contests in high school and began bicycle road racing in college which lasted for a few years.