Nickname: Josh
Height: 5-1
Weight: -37kg
Coach: Bill Pottle
Club: Korean Academy of Taekwondo
Year started taekwondo: 2006
School: Eaglecrest High School
Social media links:

    2012 Denver Sports Top9 Moments Olympic Sport Moment – Runner Up
    2011 Denver Sports Top9 Moments Olympic Sport Moment – Winner

Favorite books are The Underland Chronicles and Warrior series… enjoys gaming outside of taekwondo… Joshua is Irish, Polish, German and half Korean… favorite show is Spongebob… eats pizza or pasta before competing… favorite athlete is Aaron Cook… Joshua’s mom was adopted from South Korea; through taekwondo, Joshua hopes to find and meet his Korean family… favorite quote: “My greatest opponent is myself.”

Major Competition Record:

2014  1st WTF Cadet World Taekwondo Championships (37kg) in Baku, Azerbaijan: GOLD
2014  USA Taekwondo Cadet National Team Trials (fly): 1st  
2014  USA Taekwondo Cadet National Team member (fly)
2014  U.S. Open Las Vegas (cadet fly): SILVER
2014  Canada Open (cadet fly): GOLD

2013  USAT Junior National Championships (cadet fly): SILVER
2013  U.S. Open Las Vegas, NV (fin): GOLD
2013  Colorado State Championships: GOLD
2013  Canada Open (cadet fly): GOLD

2012  USAT Colorado State Taekwondo Championships: GOLD
2012  U.S. Open (cadet fin): SILVER

2011  USAT Junior National Championships (fin): GOLD
2011  WTF Pan American Open: SILVER
2011  USAT Northern California State Championships: SILVER
2011  USAT Southern California State Championships: BRONZE

2010  USAT Colorado State Championships: GOLD
2010  USAT Rocky Mountain Open CO (fin): GOLD

2009  USAT Junior National Championships (fin): GOLD
2009  Colorado State Championships: GOLD

2008  USAT Rocky Mountain Open (fin): GOLD

last updated 4/22/2014