Sohwon Kim

USA Taekwondo

Name: Sohwon Kim              Nickname: Soweezy, So,Slim

Hometown (City, State): Chantilly VA

Current Residence (City, State): Chantilly VA

Birthdate: 7/03/96                                          Birthplace (City, State): Fairfax VA

Height: 5’9 1/2                                               Weight: 127

Current Coach: Han Kim/Dennis Kim       Current TKD Dojang: US TKD College

High School Attended: Chantilly High school        Year of Graduation:2014

Sports You Competed in: Basketball, Soccer

MAJOR COMPETITION RESULTS (year, tournament, finishes)

2012 USA Taekwondo Jr. National Team Member Feather weight

2012 USAT National Championship Jr. Feather: Gold

2012 US Cup Championship Jr. Light Gold

2012 USAT Eastern Regional Qualifier Jr. Feather Gold

2012 US Open taekwondo Championships Jr. Feather Quarterfinals

2012 Maryland State championship Jr. Feather Silver

2012 Jr. World Open team trials Jr. Feather Quarterfinals

2011 USAT Jr. National team fight-offs (pan ams) Jr. Fly 2nd “B team”

2011 USAT National Championship Jr. Fly Silver

2011 USAT Buffalo National Qualifier Jr. Fly Gold

2011 New York State championship Jr. Fly Gold

2010 USAT National Championship Jr. Fin Quarterfinals

2010 USAT York National Qualifier Jr. Fin Gold

2009 Jr. World Open team trials Jr. Fin Quarterfinals

2009 ATU National Championship 12-13 Light Gold

2009 USAT VA State Championship 12-13 Silver

Hobbies: Hanging with Friends, Playing Sports, Xbox, EATING

Something Unique Others May Not Know About You: Born 2 months premature. Weighed 3 pounds at birth.

Favorite Foods: Korean BBQ, Mexican, Panda Express, Kit Kats, Nutella

Favorite Athlete: my little brother, Andre Ward, Olie Burton

Favorite Movie: Stomp the Yard, Coming to America, All the Rocky’s

Favorite Music: Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Old school R&B Soul ( Diana Ross, Temptations, Jackson 5, James Brown, Boyz 2 men)