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Peter Kelchner


Peter Kelchner

My goal is to become the 2012 Olympic gold medlist in both the individual and the team round  and to represent my God, my country and my sport on and off the field.

I enjoy my sport because of the challenge mentally and physically, and the simple pleasure of shooting an arrow at a target.

Kelchner began shooting archery at the age of 10.  He began shooting archery because he enjoyed the challenge it presents.  One of his greatest achievements in archery is when he became a Resident Athlete in September 2008.  He is coached by Kisik Lee and is a member of the Road Runner Archery Club based out of Chula Vista, CA.  His goals over the 2009 year is to become the Top USAT Archer for the Junior Recurve Division.  Kelchner's goal is to become an Olympian to compete in 2012 London Games. 


15th at the 2008 AAE Arazona cup. W.R.E.

3rd an 2007 JOAD Nationals (cadet) / 3rd at 2008 JOAD Nationals (cadet)

2nd at 2008 Nationals (cadet)

(What and when?)

Athlete Bio/9/26/08

1st at 2008 S.I. cup (cadet). Ranked as #1 cadet male recurve in 2008, and made Jr. USAT.

Special Interests and Hobbies:

Military history and strategy, sword play, Alpine skiing, backpacking, and studying Ancient and Medieval Weponry.

What is your favorite movie? The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Who is your favorite movie star?

Male: Errol Fllyn      Female:

What is your favorite TV show? Giligans Island

Who is your favorite TV star?

Male: None   Female: None

What is your favorite food?  Mom's Chili

What is your favorite color?  Navy Blue 

What is your favorite animal?  Dogs

Where is your favorite place to travel/visit?  Alaska

Other Professional, Educational, or Outstanding Accomplishments:

Completed Toastmasters and received completion certificate.

Other Accomplishments:

National (Top 3 and Better)

Competition Results:

International (Top 8 and Better)