HEIGHT 5'10" WEIGHT 180 lbs

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Alex Ivanov was born on October 24, 1987 in Concord, Massachusetts. The native of Carlisle, Massachusetts began his collegiate career at the University of Hartford, where he was a member of the track and field team. He still holds the school record for the decathlon and heptathlon events. He then transferred to Fitchburg State, where he competed on the track and field and soccer teams for two years. He currently holds the school record for the pentathlon. 

Alex has always been a fan of sliding sports, but he was first introduced to the sport of skeleton when he was in college. He was browsing the USA Bobsled & Skeleton Facebook page and saw a post about a sliding school. Instead of going on the standard spring break vacation, he went sliding for the first time. He's been hooked ever since.


- He is a black belt in karate, self taught from YouTube.
- He has a superior culinary pallet. 
- He is an avid disc golfer.
- He is a master of the dark interwebs.


  • 2016-2017 European Cup - 8th in Igls #1 (11/16); 11th in Igls #2 (11/16); 9th in Koenigssee #1 (11/16); 10th in Koenigssee #2 (11/16)
  • 2015-2016 North American Cup - BRONZE in Calgary #1 (11/15); 5th in Calgary #2 (11/15); 12th in Whistler #1 (11/15); 4th in Whistler #2 (11/15); 5th in Park City #1 (3/16); 4th in Park City #2 (3/16)
  • 2014-2015 Intercontinental Cup - DNF in Calgary #1 (1/15); 15th in Whistler #2 (1/15); 15th in Whistler #1 (1/15); 14th in Winterberg (12/14); 18th in Koenigssee #2 (11/14); 22nd in Koenigssee #1 (11/14); 16th in Lillehammer (11/14)
  • 2013 National Championships - 10th in Lake Placid (3/13)
  • 2012-2013 North American Cup -5th in Whistler #2 (11/12), 9th in Whistler #3 (11/12), 9th in Lake Placid #1 (3/13), 6th in Lake Placid #2 (3/13)