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Daryl Homer


  • 2012

Event: Saber
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 155 lbs
Birthplace: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Education: Senior marketing major at St. John's University
Club: Manhattan Fencing Center
Coach: Yury Gelman
Most people would be surprised to know that... I am shy. At home I'm either out with my close friends, staying in with my girlfriend, or spending time alone.  I would say I'm no where as extroverted as a lot of people would believe. Also I am a bit of a mother's boy.  
Role Model
: Keith Smart. He was truly one of the best in the world and I aspire to do the same.
Hobbies and interests: Advertising (my major in school), photography, motivational books, life success stories
Current U.S. Ranking: #1
Current World Ranking: #12

Olympic Teams: 2012
Senior World Championship Teams
: 2011, 2010, 2009
Junior World Championship Teams: 2010 (Bronze - Team), 2009 (Bronze - Individual), 2008
Cadet World Championship Teams: 2007 (Bronze)

Personal: Homer read about fencing in a dictionary when he was 5-years-old and says he begged his mother to let him take up the sport. Homer's mother, Juliette Smith, looked up fencing clubs in the phone book and found the New York Fencer's Club. The family showed up to practice on a Saturday, met six-time Olympian Peter Westbrook -- founder of the Peter Westbrook Foundation -- and started to fence for the club. A two-time Junior World medalist, Homer finished 12th at his first Senior World Championships in 2010 and credits fencing with opening a new life to him. Homer says he has met people from all over the world, made many new friends and interacted with so many cultures. "I am thankful that I have been able to succeed in both fencing, and gain memorable experiences from it. I don't know too many other people who could say they explored Europe with their closest friends as teenagers," Homer said. "Fencing has shaped the way I think about life. It has allowed me to learn dedication, focus and provided me with a formula capable of working in all sectors of my life. I would say that in the group of fencers I started with that I wasn't the best. I have to thank my coach for continuously working with me and motivating me despite my lackluster results as a youth."

Homer says he loves to cook, but also enjoys eating at different ethnic restaurants. Homer is a huge fan of music and says that he has a huge variety of music on his iPod. Homer enjoys spending time with family and friends when he's not concentrating on his studies. In his spare time, he also loves shopping and lists his favorite stores as Diesel, J. Crew and Ben Sherman.

Recent Competition History


  • Gold - Pan American Championships (Team)
  • Bronze - USA Fencing National Championships (Division I Team)
  • Bronze - Moscow World Cup (Team)
  • Sixth - Olympic Games (Individual)
  • Seventh - Pan American Championships (Team)
  • Seventh - Moscow World Cup (Individual)
  • Eighth - Olympic Games (Team)
  • Ninth - USA Fencing National Championships (Division I Individual)
  • Ninth - Padua World Cup (Team)
  • Ninth - Korfanty World Cup (Team)
  • 13th - Madrid World Cup
  • 14th - Plovdiv Grand Prix
  • 17th - January North American Cup (Division I)
  • 17th - Padua Saber World Cup (Individual)
  • 19th - Budapest Grand Prix
  • 20th - Warsaw Grand Prix
  • 37th - Korfanty World Cup (Individual)


  • Gold - Pan American Championships (Individual)
  • Gold - Pan American Championships (Team)
  • Gold - December North American Cup (Division I)
  • Silver - USA Fencing National Championships (Division I)
  • Fifth - North American Cup C (Division I)
  • Eighth - Senior World Championships (Team)
  • Eighth - Athens World Cup (Team)
  • 13th - Warsaw Grand Prix
  • 13th - New York World Cup (Team)
  • 31st - Athens World Cup (Individual)
  • 32nd - New York World Cup (Individual)
  • 34th - Senior World Championships (Individual)


  • Gold - Pan American Championships (Team)
  • Gold - North American Cup F (Division I) 
  • Silver - Dormagen Junior World Cup
  • Bronze - Junior World Championships (Team) 
  • Bronze - North American Cup A (Division I) 
  • Seventh - Junior World Championships (Individual)
  • Eighth - Pan American Championships (Individual)
  • Eighth - New York World Cup
  • 14th - Isla de Margarita World Cup 
  • 12th - Senior World Championships (Individual)
  • 13th - Senior World Championships (Team)
  • 15th - Istanbul World Cup 
  • 23rd - Madrid World Cup
  • 28th - Budapest Junior World Cup
  • 38th - Moscow Grand Prix
  • 59th - Padua Grand Prix
  • 62nd - Plovdiv Grand Prix


  • Silver - Dormagen Junior World Cup
  • Bronze - Junior World Championships (Individual)
  • Seventh - Junior World Championships (Team)
  • Seventh - Senior World Championships (Team)
  • Seventh - Budapest Junior World Cup
  • 13th - Madrid World Cup
  • 15th - Plovdiv Grand Prix
  • 23rd - Senior World Championships (Individual)
  • 31st - Dallas World Cup
  • 63rd - Künzelsau Junior World Cup


  • Bronze - Montreal Junior World Cup
  • Fourth - Junior World Championships (Team)
  • Fifth - Sosnowiec Junior World Cup
  • Ninth - Göppingen Junior World Cup
  • 13th - Estado Guarico World Cup
  • 28th - Junior World Championships (Individual)
  • 37th - Budapest Junior World Cup
  • 49th - Dormagen Junior World Cup 

  • 20th - Montreal Junior World Cup
  • 27th - Dormagen Junior World Cup
  • 35th - Las Vegas World Cup
  • 42nd - Budapest Junior World Cup
  • 44th - Sosnowiec Junior World Cup

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