Stephanie Hesser

Team Handball

College: Colorado State University
Current Club: Dynamo HC
Position: Center Back, Wing
Height: 5'7"
Hometown: Palmer Lake, CO
Current Residence: Auburn, AL

USA Team Handball Career
2013: Pan American Championships, 8th place
2012: Junior Pan American Championships: 8th place, Captain
2012: Junior IHF Trophy Tournament, 3rd place, Co-Captain
2011: Pan American Championships, 8th place, Top Scorer (27 goals)
2011: Pan American Games: 8th place
2010: Pan American Games Qualifier: 1st place
2010: Named to Women's Senior National Team
2009: Named to Women's Junior National Team

Individual Team Handball Career
2014: Colorado Cup, 3rd place, Coach/Captain
2014: USATH Open National Championships, 1st place, Top 5 Scorer, Captain
2013: USATH Open National Championships, 2nd place, Top 3 Scorer, Captain
2013: LATHC “Big Four” Tournament, 2nd place, Captain
2012: Co-founder of Colorado State University Team Handball Club
2012: USATH Open National Championships, 4th place, Captain
2012: Fremont Tournament, 2nd place, Captain
2011: USATH Open National Championships, 3rd place, Top 5 Scorer, Captain
2011: USATH College National Championships, 3rd place, Captain
2010: Carolina Blue Cup, 3rd place, Captain
2010: USA Women’s Select Team European Tour
2010: Carolina Tar Heel Invitational, 3rd place
2009: USATH Open National Championships, 3rd place
2009: USA Women’s Select Team European Tour
2009: Tar Heel Invitational, 3rd place

Handball was always a big influence Stephanie’s house growing up. Her mother, Anca Stevens, played for the Romanian National Team as a goalkeeper since she was little, and brought her skills to the USA to play with the National Team here and teach her children about handball. Stephanie has been playing handball since she was 10, mainly having practices with her mom as her coach. To this day, her mother is constantly pushing her to do better and to follow her dreams in hopes of qualifying to the Olympic Games someday. Stephanie also has an older brother, Chris Hesser, who was a goalkeeper for the Men’s Junior National Team. Stephanie was a varsity athlete in high school, playing volleyball, basketball, and pole-vaulting. Her and her brother founded the Colorado State University Team Handball Club where they teach college students the great sport of team handball. After the Winter Classic in December of 2014, she decided to move to Auburn in January of 2015.

Instagram: @stephawheee

Last updated: January 13, 2015

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