Marcie Hebert



Hometown: Spencer, WI
Year Began Archery: 2000
Year Selected JDT: 2009
Personal Coach: Dave Hebert
JOAD Club: Virtual JOAD
Indoor Olympian: ()
Outdoor Olympian: ()
2009 Season Category: Junior
Age: 17
Jr USAT Rank: 6th

I started shooting archery in 4-H when I was 8. My first 5 years I shot a compound, both with fingers and release. My most memorable accomplishments with the compound are the 300 60x round at 15 yards as an intermediate shooter in 2006 at one of our state 4-H invitationals and taking 1st place in the FITA event at the 2009 4-H National Shoot in Grand Island NE. I didn’t start shooting a recurve until I got to practice with US Olympian John Magera at the 2005 NFAA Indoor National Championships. I was shooting compound at the time but knew then I wanted to try a recurve. My dad bought me my first recurve while we were at that shoot. I took 3rd place the next 2 years and then in 2008 I won, missing the record by one point, even though my Grandpa had passed away the day before the shoot. It was a great tribute in his memory and I will always remember him every time I look at that silver bowl. Also in 2008 I competed at 4-H Nationals on the Wisconsin recurve team. I finish 4th overall behind 3 boys, as girls and boys compete together in 4-H. Our team also finished 1st each day and overall. I competed in my first FITA competition at the SI Cup in 2009. I took 3rd in the FITA and 4th in the World Trails event. JOAD Nationals was my second FITA event and I finish 4th. I like shooting both compound and recurve but especially love the challenge of shooting the recurve. Outside of archery I love to play volleyball, scrapbook, bowhunt, paint, watch movies, enjoy time with my 3 dogs and 3 cats and relaxing around a good campfire.