Sport: Swimming

Hometown: Green Bay, Wisconsin  

Physical Disability: Congenital Quad Amputee  

In order to try and make the 2012 U.S. Paralympic Team, Jonathon Heider has moved away from his hometown of Green Bay, Wisconsin to live at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and be a full-time athlete. 

Being able to compete at the London Games would mean the world to Heider.

“I have always liked international sports and I have always wanted to do really well in sports and being a Paralympian I think that would just be a cool opportunity to say I have done it and competing at the Paralympic Games is what I have been able to accomplished,” Heider said. 

Heider was born with shorter limbs and missing fingers, however he has not let that slow him down. After watching all of his friends and family members participating in their respective sports, Heider wanted to find a sport that he could compete in given his physical disability. He discovered that swimming would be the best sport suited for him, because he likes the feeling of freedom he gets from being in the water. 

Heider is  focused on working toward becoming a member of Team USA in 2012 and once the Games are over, he plans to go to college to earn his degree in architecture.

Heider is a senior at Preble High School in Green Bay.