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Jacob Harbour



Event: Epee
 Birthplace: Santa Fe, N.M.
Club: New Mexico Fencing Foundation
Coach: James Odom
Current U.S. Ranking: #37 junior and #48 senior

Cadet World Championship Teams: 2009


Jacob Waldon Harbour is the son of Jeff and Kamala Harbour... He is a member of the 2009 Cadet World Championship Team... Jacob get involved with fencing when he was eight because he loved swords, pirates, and Zorro movies... His friend, Gavin Medley, has had the biggest influence on Jacob's fencing career as they have trained together since he first started fencing and appreciates having a friend to push each other...Jacob has been on the Honor Roll for the past 3 years and plays the viola.

Recent Competition HIstory


  • 34th - North American Cup C (Division I)
  • 42nd - USA Fencing National Championships (U19)


  • 32nd - North American Cup A (Division I)
  • 38th - USA Fencing National Championships (U19)
  • 55th - USA Fencing Junior Olympic Championships (U20)
  • 59th - North American Cup D (Division I)


  • FIfth - Gotenberg Cadet Designated International Tournament
  • Eighth - Budapest Cadet Designated International Tournament
  • 48th - Cadet World Championships 


  • Bronze - USA Fencing National Championships (U16)