Charles Hamblin

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Charles Hamblin
14-year-old Charlie has been skating at Oaks Park Roller Skating Rink since he was a toddler. Starting in the Preschool Play & Skate and Learn-To-Skate programs, Charlie excelled quickly and won his first National title by age 8. He is one of the most successful domestic youth roller skaters of all time, having won 6 consecutive National figure titles, and in 2013 he won 4 domestic division titles including Freshman Solo Dance, Freshman Figures, Freshman Loops, and Freshman combined. 
At the 2013 National Championships Charlie qualified for his first World Championships with a silver medal in the Jr. World Class Men Solo Dance division. He is excited to head to Taipei, Taiwan in November to represent the U.S.A., the Northwest Region, and Oaks Skating Club.
Charlie is coached in all disciplines by George Kolibaba, president of USA Roller Sports.
Hear Charlie describe his experience in the recent KBNP Radio interview.

Team USA Years: 2013


Hometown: Portland, Oregon


Current Residence: Portland, Oregon


Education: Peninsula K-8 School, Roosevelt High School 2013


Year of Graduation:  Class of 2017


Location of High School: Portland, Oregon


School Activities: Math Pentagames, Choir, Drama, Tutor, Student Body Treasurer


Current Employer: Oaks Amusement Park


Career Goals: Aerospace or Nuclear Engineer


Coach's Name: George Kolibaba


When did you begin skating: I began skating at the age of two.


Future goals you wish to attain as a skater: I would like to make the Junior World Team again in the future. I would like to medal at the World Championship in the future.


Award, honors, and statistics receieved in roller sports: I have earned 27 National Championship placements in figures, loops, figures/loops combined, solo dance, team dance, freestyle and pairs.  I have won seven consecutive Gold medals in figures, from Primary through Freshman A divisions.  I have received NW Junior Skater of the Year award and the NW Special Achievement award. I have received Oaks Skate Club Junior Skater of the Year award.


Other awards or honors receieved outside roller sports: Math Pentagames Individual 3rd place, Boy Scouts of America Cub Scout Arrow of Light Award, Boy Scouts of America Star Rank, Faith in God award Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Favorite Sports Figure: Scott Cohen


Who is the person you most admire/greatest influence in your life and why:  My parents, Kevin and Amy Hamblin, are my greatest influence. They have taught me how to make good decisions, how to work hard, and the importance of perserverance.

Hobbies: Ultimate frisbee, Boy Scouts, classic cars, swimming and reading


What music do you listen to during training/competition? Classic rock, my free dance music


Favorite food before a competition: I love all food! I will eat whatever is around.


Most prized possession: My national  medals are my most prized possessions.


If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be:  Outgoing


Father's Name: Kevin Hambin


Father's Occupation:  Operations Manager,  SAPA TDA Inc.


Mother's Name:  Amy Hamblin


Mother's Occupation: Skating Instructor, Oaks Park Roller Rink


Brothers: David and Bobby Hamblin


Family members who have competed in amateur or professional athletics:  My mother, brothers, grandmother, aunt and cousins all compete in roller figure skating. My dad has competed in football, basketball, and track.