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Antony Graf


Antony Graf

Nickname: "Toneako" (tone-a-co)
Height: 5-9
Weight: 184 pounds
Birthplace: Woodside, N.Y.
Residence: Miami, Fla.
Coach: Juan Moreno
Dojang: Peak Performance

WTF World Ranking as of 9/1/12: 47th (-80kg)

In his spare time he enjoys going to the beach and playing poker...favorite foods are grilled chicken and cornish game hen...abides by a very strict diet...has not eaten beef or pork in over 10 years...on the day of competition he tries to eat a lot good carbs like oatmeal, peanut butter and whole grain breads to sustain his energy...favorite athlete is Arnold Schwarzenegger...favorite movies are Casino and Departed...favorite place visited for competition is Yeosu, Korea because "they treated me like a king".

Did You Know?: Antony has competed in and won major competitions in every weight division from 118 pounds to 184 pounds...He bought his first house at age 22.

Quotable Antony Graf: "In high school, the only sport I did was Taekwondo. There was no time for anything else, nor a desire. I missed my prom for the 1997 Team Trials but have no regrets whatsoever." 

Competition Record:

2010  2012 Olympic Team Trials (Light/Welter): 4th
U.S. Open (Middle): GOLD
2010  U.S. National Team Member (Middle)

2009  World Taekwondo Championships (Middle): Round of 16
2009  U.S. National Team Member (Middle)
U.S. National Team Trials (Middle): 1st

2008  Olympic Team alternate
2008  German Open: SILVER 

2007  U.S. National Team Member (Middle)
2007  Pan Am Games Team Member (Middle/Heavy)
Toronto Open: GOLD
2007  Olympic Trials (Light/Welter): 2nd
2007  Pan Am Games (Middle/Heavy): SILVER
2007  Sr. National Team Trials (Middle): 1st
2007  Pan Am Games Trials (Middle/Heavy): 1st

2006  U.S. National Team Member (Middle)
Pan Am Championships (Middle): BRONZE
2006  Pan Am Qualifier (Olympic Heavy): GOLD
2006  Dutch Open (Middle): SILVER
2006  Sr. National Team Trials (Middle): 1st

2005  U.S. National Team Member (Middle)
U.S. Senior Nationals (Middle): SILVER
2005  World Team Round Robin Fight Off (Middle): GOLD 



National Championships (Middle) - SILVER
Titan Games Team (Olympic Heavy)
Olympic Games (Olympic Welter) - Alternate
USTU Round Robin Fight Offs: (Olympic Welter) - GOLD
German Open (Welter) - SILVER
Belgium Open (Welter) - GOLD
U.S. Open (Welter) - SILVER

Korean Open (Middle) - GOLD
Pan Am Team Trials (+80kg Olympic Heavy) - SILVER
USA Team Trials (Middle) - SILVER
Titan Games Team (Olympic Heavy)
U.S. Open (Welter) - BRONZE

2002 U.S. National Team Member (Middle) 
2002 Yeosu Open Korea (80KG Olympic welter) : GOLD
2002 US Open (Lightweight): GOLD
2002 NCTA Collegiate Team Trials (Lightweight): GOLD
2002 USTU Senior Nationals MIDDLE): GOLD
2002 USTU National Team Trials (MIDDLE): GOLD
2002 Pan Am Championships (MIDDLE): BRONZE
2001 USTU male athlete of the year.
2001 US Open (Lightweight): GOLD
2001 US National Championships (Lightweight): GOLD
2001 USTU National Team Trials (Light): SILVER
2001 German Open (Lightweight): GOLD
2001 Mexican Open (Lightweight):GOLD
2001 Collegiate Championships (Lightweight):GOLD
2000 US National Championships (Feather): GOLD
2000 US National Team Trials (Feather): BRONZE
2000 Collegiate Championships (Light): SILVER
1999 US Olympic/Pan Am Games Trials (Feather): SILVER
1999 Collegiate Championships (Feather): SILVER
1998 US National Championships (Bantam): BRONZE
1998 US National Team Trials (Bantam): BRONZE
1998 Olympic Weight Division Tournament (Feather): BRONZE
1998 CollegiateTeam Trials (Bantam): BRONZE
1997 US National Team Trials (Bantam): SILVER
1996 U.S. Junior Team Member (Feather)
1996 US Open (Junior Light): GOLD
1996 US National Junior Team Trials (Feather): GOLD
1996 US National Championships (Bantam): GOLD
1995 US Junior Olympic Championships (Feather): SILVER

National Collegiate Championships (Fly): GOLD


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