Gabriel Goodreau

Team Handball

College: West Los Angeles College
Los Angeles THC
Position: Goalkeeper
Los Angeles, CA
Current Residence:
Auburn, AL.
USA Team Handball Career
2015: Last Chance Pan American Games Qualifier, 2nd place
2014: Pan American Championship, 6th place
2014: Pan American Championship Nor.Ca Qualifier, 3rd place
2012: Pan American Championship, 7th place
2011: Second Chance Pan American Games Qualifier, 1st place
Individual Career
2014: U.S. Club National Championships, 2nd place, Elite Div.
2013: U.S. Club National Championships, 4th place, Elite Div.
2012: U.S. Club National Championships, 2nd place, Elite Div.
2010: U.S. Club National Championships, Most Valuable Goalkeeper
2010: U.S. Club National Championships, 1st place, Elite Div.

Gabe started playing handball after seeing it on the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. After discovering the Los Angeles THC, he played with them for five years before moving to Auburn, AL, to train full-time in the USATH Residency Program.

Instagram: @Greau14

Last updated: March 23, 2015

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