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Jeffrey Gluckstein


Birthdate: 2/25/1993 
Program: Trampoline & Tumbling
Level: Senior
Current Residence: Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Club: Eta
Head Coach: Tatiana Kovaleva

Career Highlights
2011 U.S. trampoline and synchro champion
2010 U.S. synchro silver medalist

Personal Information
Hometown: Atlantic Highlands, NJ 

National Competition Results
2012 Winter Classic, St. Petersburg, Fla. - 2nd-SY 
2011 U.S. Elite Championships, San Antonio, Texas - 1st-TR, SY 
2011 U.S. Elite Challenge, Fort Worth, Texas - 1st-TR; 3rd-SY 
2011 Winter Classic, Houston, Texas - 2nd-SY; 3rd-TR 
2010 Visa Championships, Hartford, Conn. - 2nd-SY; 4th-TR 
2010 U.S. Elite Challenge, Virginia Beach, Va. - 2nd-TR, SY 
2010 Fairland Classic, Laurel, Md. - 2nd-SY 
2009 Final Selection Event, Las Vegas, Nev. - 1st-TR (15-16) (Jr. Div.) 
2009 Visa Championships, Dallas, Texas - 1st-TR, SY (Jr. Div.) 
2009 U.S. Elite Challenge, Ft. Smith, Ark. - 1st-TR; 3rd-SY (Jr. Div.) 
2009 Winter Classic, Birmingham, Ala. - 3rd-TR; 4th-SY (Jr. Div.) 
2008 Stars and Stripes Cup, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 1st-TR (Jr. Div.) 
2008 Visa Championships, Houston, Texas - 1st-TR, SY 
2008 U.S. Elite Challenge, Mobile, Ala. - 1st-TR, SY (Jr. Div.) 
2008 Winter Classic, Tulsa, Okla. - 1st-TR, SY; 4th- DM (Jr. Div.) 
2007 National Championships, Memphis, Tenn. - 2nd-SY; 3rd-TR (Jr. Div.) 
2007 U.S. Elite Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo. - 2nd-TR (Jr. Div.) 
2007 Winter Classic, Lubbock, Texas - 1st-TR; 3rd-SY (Jr. Div.) 
2006 U.S. Championships, Schaumburg, Ill. - 1st-DM; 4th-SY; 7th-TR (Jr. Div.) 

International Competition Results
2011 World Championships, Birmingham, England - 
2011 Pan American Games, Guadalajara, Mexico - 4th-TR 
2011 Salzgitter World Cup, Salzgitter, Germany - 
2011 World Cup, St. Petersburg, Russia - 7th-SY 
2011 Flower Cup, Aalsmeer, Netherlands - 1st-TR 
2010 World Championships, Metz, France - 
2010 Frivolten Cup, Herrljunga, Sweden - 3rd-TR (Jr. Div.) 
2010 Pan American Championships, Daytona Beach, Fla. - 1st-TR (Jr. Div.) 
2009 World Age Group Competition, St. Petersburg, Russia - 7th-TR (15-16) 
2009 Canada Cup, Okotoks, Alberta, Canada - 2nd-TR, SY (Jr. Div.) 
2008 Pan American Championships, Buenos Airies, Argentina - 1st-TR (Jr. Div.) 
2008 Pacific Rim Gymnastics Championships, San Jose, Calif. - 2nd-Team; 4th-TR (Jr. Div.) 
2008 Grenzland Cup, Aachen, Germany - 4th-TR (15-17 year old) 
2006 Grenzland Cup, Aachen, Germany - 3rd-TR (14 & under)

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