Christopher Ford


Chris is the son of Walter and Margaret Ford. He has an older sister, Amy, and an older brother, Jason.

Personal Information
Hometown: Haymarket, VA
Began Gymnastics In: 1997
How did you get involved?: I went to a friend's birthday party.
Favorite Gymnastics Thing: Hanging out with friends from around the country.
Favorite Event: Tumbling
Goals: To medal at a world competition.
School: George Mason University
Grade: Senior
Major: Exercise science
Favorite School Subject: kinesiology

Interests Outside the Gym
Favorite Music/Book: Music: Maroon 5 and New Found Glory; Books: Harry Potter series
Favorite TV Show: Bones, Law & Order: SVU
Hobbies: Watching movies with friends

National Competition Results
2008 U.S. Elite Challenge, Mobile, Ala.: 1st-TU
2008 Winter Classic, Tulsa, Okla.: 2nd-TU
2007 National Championships, Memphis, Tenn.: 3rd-TU
2007 U.S. Elite Challenge, Colorado Springs, Colo.: 3rd-TU
2006 U.S. Championships, Schaumburg, Ill.: 6th-TU
2006 U.S. Elite Challenge, Las Vegas, Nev.: 1st-TU
2005 U.S. Championships, Houston, Texas: 2nd-TU
2005 U.S. Elite Challenge, Phoenix, Ariz.: 3rd-TU
2005 Winter Classic, Fort Smith, Ark.: 1st-TU
2003 U.S. Championships, Sacramento, Calif.: 2nd-TU
2003 Winter Classic, Tampa, Fla.: 3rd-TU
2002 U.S. Championships, Cleveland, Ohio: 1st-TU (Jr. Div)
2002 Carolina Classic, Greensboro, N.C.: 1st-TU (Jr. Div)
2002 Elite Challenge, Indianapolis, Ind.: 3rd-TU (Jr. Div)
2002 Circle of Stars, Indianapolis, Ind.: 1st-TU (Jr. Div)
2001 U.S. Championships, San Antonio, Texas: 1st-TU (Jr. Div)
2000 U.S. Championships, Cincinnati, Ohio: 1st-TU (Jr. Div)

International Competition Results
2007 World Championships, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada: 5th-Team (TU)
2007 World Cup, St. Petersburg, Russia:
2005 World Championships, Eindhoven, Netherlands: 5th-Team (TU); 11th-TU
2005 World Cup, Levallois, France: 7th-TU
2005 World Cup, Ghent, Belgium: 7th-TU
2003 World Championships, Hannover, Germany:
2003 Canada Cup, Oakville, Canada: 2nd-TU
2002 World Cup, Greensboro, N.C.: 1st-TU (Jr. Div)
2002 Canadian Youth Cup, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: 1st-TU (Jr. Div)
2001 World Age Group Games, Odense, Denmark: 9th-TU