Position  Vice skip 
Teammates  Craig Brown, Jared Zezel, Kroy Nernberger 
Age  47 
Hometown Bemidji, Minn.
Occupation Owner/operator of Dave's Pizza in Bemidji, Minn.
Family Married to Roxanne; two sons, Alex and Graem
Year started curling 1982
Education Bachelor's degree in technical illustration and graphic design
Curling Club  Bemidji (MN) 
Olympic Winter Games: 2006 (bronze)
U.S. Olympic Team Trials: 2014 (runner-up), 2010, 2006 (champion), 1998
U.S. National Championships: 2014 (champion), 2013 (6th), 2012 (silver), 2011 (champion), 2010 (champion), 2008 (6th), 2007 (5th), 2006 (champion), 2005 (champion), 2004 (runner-up), 2003 (champion), 1994 (champion), 1993 (champion); 8 additional appearances
World Curling Championships: 2014 (10th), 2011 (10th), 2010 (4th), 2006 (4th), 2005 (6th), 2003 (8th), 1994 (5th as vice skip with Scott Baird), 1993 (bronze as vice skip with Scott Baird)
USA Curling Athlete of the Year: 2011, 2005, 2003
USA Curling Team of the Year: 2006
Continental Cup of Curling: 2012 (runner-up), 2011 (champion), 2006 (runner-up), 2003 (runner-up)
U.S. Olympic Committee Team of the Month: December 2005
U.S. Olympic Committee Team of the Year: 2006


About Pete Fenson:

Curling start: "I was introduced to curling at age 13 by my parents who both curled."


Curling heroes: Bob Fenson and Scott Baird


Training regimen: "I enjoy training both on and off the ice, including cycling, swimming, and the occasional practice stone."


Other sports/hobbies: Golf, cycling/mountain biking, pinball, family time


In his own words: "When I'm not curling I enjoy spending time with my family, traveling and scuba diving."


Greatest competitor: "Myself. It is a constant battle."


Favorite athlete to watch: Michael Jordan


Other Olympic sport he'd like to try: Downhill skiing