Team USA Years:   3 years

Hometown:    Lancaster, California

Current residence:    Bremerton, Washington

Personal website/social media pages:   Facebook

When did you begin playing hockey:    playing for 7 years

Current skating club/ Coaches name:   Bremerton Hurricanes/  Frankie Lee and Mike Forbes

Occupation, current employer:  Diver/tender for Rising Tide CO.


High school attended:    Olympic High school

Year of graduation:  2012

Location of high school:   Silverdale, WA

Sports you competed in while in high school (include number of years):   Rink Hockey 5 years

College attended: US AIR FORCE


Pan American/World Games/International Experience:  Member of 2011 and 2013  JR MENS Team USA

Team USA hockey awards, honors and statistics:    Ranked #1 for 2011 and 2013 junior team.

Other awards, honors, and statistics in hockey:   9 MVP's, 2 being at National Championships. three 1'st place medals, one 2nd place medal and two 3rd place medals all at the National championships in Freshmen, Junior and Silver divisions


Future goals you hope to obtain as a hockey player:   I hope to make the USA Men’s team!


Favorite sports figure:   Frankie Lee

Favorite food before a competition:   None, I can’t compete with food in my stomach

Favorite movie:  The Goonies

Favorite place to shop:   Ross

Favorite music to listen to during training or competition:   Hard rock

Favorite possession:   My Car, 2000 VW GTI Vr6

Favorite hobbies:  Hockey, friends, working out, tv

What makes you a unique and special person:   I’m funny and sarcastic, but I can be serious at the right times

Who is the person you most admire/greatest influence in your life and why:   My dad, because he is my dad he is the guy I always go to if I’ m in trouble and he always listens.


Father’s name:  Aaron Elkins

Father’s occupation: Fire Fighter

Mother’s name:   Suzzane Elkins

Mother’s occupation:   Stay at home mom

Brothers:  3

Sisters:  1