Nickname: Dsa
Height: 5-10

Coaches: Master Clinton Oh
Dojang: UCTA
Year started taekwondo: 2002
High school: Holy Trinity High School
Social media links: Twitter: D1_AndOnlyx14; Instagram: dylan_dsa

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Favorite books are the Percy Jackson series…enjoys basketball, swimming, hanging out with friends…Dylan has been a straight-A student in school his entire life...he is a 2nd Dan certified Kukkiwon black belt...both his father and sister practice taekwondo...Dylan now helps his coach with the sport taekwondo program at Champions Taekwondo in Massapequa...he also plays many other sports competitively…favorite TV shows are House and The Walking Dead…eats pasta and grilled chicken before competition…favorite athlete is Andrew Oh…not many people know that Dylan played numerous sports competitively before starting taekwondo…favorite quote: "Nothing great in life comes easy—the reward is only worth the effort taken to achieve it.”


2015  Pan American University Championships (-68kg): BRONZE

2013  USAT Junior National Team member (Welter)

2013  National Championships (Junior welter): GOLD
2013  U.S. Open: SILVER

2012  Junior World Championships Open Team Trials (Jr. Welter): 3rd

USAT Junior National Team Trials (Jr. Welter): 2nd
USAT Junior Olympics (Jr. Welter): BRONZE

2010  USAT Junior Prep National Team Member (Heavy)
USAT Junior Olympics (12-13 Heavy): GOLD
2010  USAT New York State Championships: GOLD

2009  USAT New York State Championships: GOLD
2009  Friendship Taekwondo Championship: SILVER
2009  USAT U.S. Open: GOLD
2009  Grand Prix 12-13: GOLD

2008  USAT Junior Olympics: GOLD
2008  USAT York National Qualifier: GOLD

New York State Championships: GOLD
Connecticut Taekwondo Open: GOLD
2008  Garden State Open: GOLD
2008  Champions Open 10-11 & 12-13: GOLD
2008  Champions Open 12-13: GOLD
2008  NYSTC Athletes Cup: GOLD
2008  Friendship Taekwondo Championship: GOLD

2007  USAT Providence National Qualifier: GOLD
2007  New York State Championships: GOLD
2007  3rd Hong-Ki Taekwondo Championships: GOLD
2007  Champions Open: GOLD
2007  Friendship Taekwondo Championship: SILVER
2007  New Jersey State Championship: SILVER

2006  2nd Hong-Ki Taekwondo Championship: GOLD
2006  New York Open: GOLD
2006  Champions Open: GOLD

2005  New York State Governor's Cup: GOLD

last updated 11/9/15