Height: 5'11
Position: Utility
Hometown: Dekalb, Ill.

Previous ASA Teams 
Cicle Tap, Minnesota Angels

ASA Career Highlights 
2006 Men's Major National Championship with Circle Tap
2006 First Team All American
2012 First Team All American

Tommy has two brothers who also play fast pitch softball. He also has a dog named Buckley

Who's your favorite pro-sports team? Green Bay Packers
Who's your favorite athlete? Lebron James
What's your favorite book? Talent's overrated
What's your favorite movie? The Bicycle Thief
What's your favorite TV show? Seinfield

Three favorite things about USA Softball: Competition, representing my country, hang out with teammates
Three things you love doing: Training, watching movies, hanging out with my family
Three things you hate doing: Losing, Losing, Losing