Height: 6-8
Weight: 215
High School: Canisius High School
Undergraduate Education: Princeton University, Psychology, 2006
Occupation: Sales Associate
Employer: Home Depot
Began Rowing: 1998
Club Affiliation: USRowing Training Center
Training Location: Princeton, N.J.
Current Coaches: Curtis Jordan, Mike Teti
Years on National Team: Four - 2004-07, Senior
Event (s): Sweep

Facts of Interest

At Princeton, Steve pursued a course in sport psychology. He chose to row because he loves water sports. Steve's favorite meal is grilled tuna, and he loves seafood in general. Steve considers himself politically conservative, and is an avid reader in his spare time. His favorite authors include C.S. Lewis, Robert Heinlein and Jimmy Buffett. Steve lists Glory Road by Heinlein as his favorite book and "Casablanca" as his favorite movie. He lists "House" as his favorite television show. Steve played basketball in high school and began rowing as a way to cross-train. He is a big fan of the Buffalo Sabres and lists the sporting event he would most like to attend as Game 3 of a Stanley Cup finals involving the Sabres. Steve loves country music, especially male vocalists such as Toby Keith, Brad Paisley and Jimmy Buffett. He used to enjoy fishing and is looking forward to going deep sea fishing with his cousin in Florida after the rowing season is complete.

International Results:
2008, Olympic Games, Men's Eight, 3rd
2007, FISA World Championships, Men's, 4th
2006, FISA World Championships, Men's Eight, 3rd
2005, FISA World Championships, Men's Eight, 1st
2004, FISA World Championships, Men's Four with Coxswain, 3rd

National Results:
2007, U.S. National Championships, Men's Four with Coxswain, 1st
2007, U.S. National Championships, Men's Eight, 2nd
2006, IRA (Men's Collegiate) Championships, Men's Varsity Eight, 2nd
2005, IRA (Men's Collegiate) Championships, Men's Varsity Eight, 2nd
2005, Eastern Men's Sprints, Men's Varsity Eight, 2nd