Events/Disciplines: Canoe Sprint – K1, K2 & K4; Marathon – K1 & K2
Hometown: Gainesville, Georgia
Birthdate: 6/23/1994
School: North Hall High School, Gainesville, Georgia
Club: Lanier Canoe & Kayak Club

2015 U.S. National Team, Pan American Games Team, and U23 World Championships Team Member

Recent Results

  • 2015 ICF Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe World Championships: 4th in K2 Men 1000m Final B with Chris Miller
  • 2015 ICF Canoe Sprint Junior and U23 World Championships: 9th in K1 U23 Men 200m heat (Did not advance)
  • 2015 Pan American Games: 7th in K2 1000m with Chris Miller
  • 2015 ICF Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe World Cup 2: 7th in K1 200m heat, 9th in K2 1000m with Chris Miller
  • 2015 ICF Canoe Sprint World Cup 1: 9th in K2 200m and 1000m with Chris Miller
  • 2015 U.S. National Sprint Team Trials:
  • 2014 Pan American Championships: Gold in K2M 500m
  • 2013 National Championships: 1st in K2 200m with Chris Miller
  • 2013 Junior World Championships: 14th in U-23 K2 200m, 14th in U-23 K2 1000m

Career Highlights                 

  • 2009, 2010 & 2011 US Junior Marathon Team Member
  • 2010 & 2011 US Junior National Team Member
  • 2011 Sprint World Championship in Brandenburg, Germany
  • 1st Jr. K1 1000m – 2011 National Championships
  • 1st Jr. K2 1000m – 2011 National Championships
  • 1st Jr. K1 5000m – 2011 National Championships
  • 1st Jr. K2 200m – 2011 National Championships
  • 2nd Jr. K2 500m – 2011 National Championships
  • 3rd Jr. K1 200m – 2011 National Championships
  • 3rd Jr. K4 1000m – 2011 National Championships
  • 4th Jr. K1 500m – 2011 National Championships
  • 2011 USACK Greg Barton Award – K1 1000
  • 1st in 2010  K2 Marathon Trials – Austin Texas
  • 1st in 2011 K1 Marathon Trials – Raleigh NC


In addition to Stanton’s accomplishments in Kayaking, he is also an accomplished Boy Scout becoming an Eagle Scout in 2010.    Stanton started paddling when he was about 10 years old and has competed in 3 World Championships and 6 National Championships and has held a number of National Titles.  Stanton has had the opportunity to compete and medal in a number of international sprint events in France, Romania, Germany, New York and Nova Scotia.

Stanton is a High School Senior at North Hall High School.   He was named to the Greater Hall County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Hall County 2012 Class and is also an Honor student participant in the 2012 Honors Mentorship Program.  Stanton has an older sister, Elizabeth, and three dogs Cleo, Boo and Penny.

  • Hobbies: Climbing and car restoration 

  • Role Model: Muhammad Ali 

  • Favorite Quote: "If you even Dream about beating me you should wake up and apologize." ‐ Muhammad Ali