Lim Ming Chui


- Graduated from MIT with EE and Computer science degrees in 1970

- Worked as lead on software development in radar related defense projects at Raytheon and Lockeed Martin for 38 years

- Lim has been playing table tennis for almost 60 yrs, playing and winning hundreds of table tennis tourneys as well as coaching many students, some became World Team players for US and Canada. He has won many table tennis Championship titles, including: US intercollegiate champ; 4-time US Hard Rubber Champ; key member of the US Table Tennis team during the Chinese Ping-Pong Diplomacy in 1972.

- Lim wrote feature article "How to play like the Chinese Champ" in Esquire magazine in October 1972.

- Lim was a US World Team member in 1975 with world ranking #49 (best from North America with team record 19 wins and 2 losses, reached top 64 in the world);

- Lim defeated HK Champ, Eddi Ma LoneSang in a US-HK challenge table tennis match sponsered by Boston Channel 5 in 1977; later ABC TV anchor Jim Kenkey requested my permission to rebroadcast the match on ABC Wide World of Sports two more times in 1978.

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