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Ryan Carney
Congratulations to Ryan Carney of Olympia, WA on being chosen to 2011 USARS JR Men’s Rink Hockey World Team.  Ryan will travel with Team USA to the 2011 Men’s Sub 20 World Championships in Barcelos, Portugal, September 11-17.  He was part of the bronze medal winning team in the freshman division at the 2011 USARS Rink Hockey Nationals, and was also named the freshman division MVP.  Ryan is currently a sophomore at Olympia High School, and currently skate for the Washington Warriors.
Hometown: Olympia, Washington
Current residence:Olympia, Washington
Personal web site/journal/web log (blog) address: Facebook
Education: Sophomore at Olympia High School 
High school attended: Olympia High School
Year of graduation: 2014
Location of high school: Olympia, Washington
Other high school activities: Deca

Career goals: Law Enforcement
Current skating club: Olympia Skateland
Coaches name: Shane Enlow
When did you begin skating: age 3

Future goals you hope to obtain as a skater: MVP at an overseas tournament 
Team USA Sport Accomplishments: Made the 2011 junior world team.

Awards, honors and statistics received in roller sports: 2011 MVP for freshman division.

Who is your favorite sports figure: Michael Jordan
Who is the person you most admire/greatest influence in your life and why: My Dad, he helps me a lot with school and whenever I need him he's always there for me.

List your hobbies: biking, skating, long boarding, xbox.
What music do you listen to during training or competition?  Tech N9ne
What makes you a unique and special person: I try not to take myself too seriously, and bounce back quickly from any setbacks.
Favorite food before a competition: Big Tom's Drive In  (anything)
Favorite movie: The Longest Yard
Favorite place to shop: Champs sports.
Most prized possession: My skates
If you could pick one word to describe you, what would it be: superhuman

Anything else you would like us to know about you: I like to fish with my Dad, I can eat a hamburger the size of my head, my coach Shane Enlow is a great guy. 

Family Information:
Father’s name:  Mike 
Father’s occupation: Family business owner
Mother’s name: Tami 
Mother’s occupation: Family business owner
Brothers: Shaun 
Sisters: Kayla 

Family Members Who Have Competed or Are Competing in Amateur or Professional Athletics: Uncle holds 2 distance records at Eastern Washington University.