Height: 5-10
Weight: 165
Birthplace: Detroit, Mich.
Residence: Colorado Springs, Colo.
Coach: Janusz Peciak
High School: Howell H.S. '03
College: Michigan State ('03-'05); University of Colorado at Colorado Springs ('09), DeVry University
Major: Bachelor of Science-Multimedia Design and Development
Parents: Grant and Diane Brady
Siblings: Brother -- Jason Sherwin

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Current World Ranking as of 11/16/11: 94th
2011 World Cup Ranking: 91st
2011 National Ranking: 3rd

Other Sports Played in High School: swimming, equestrian, cross-country and track

Hobbies: snow/water skiing, motorcycles, outdoor activities, art, piano ("Very amateur but it makes me happy.") and cooking

Favorite Foods: Mexican food, french onion soup, fresh baked pizza, fresh fruit and coffee

Pre-Competition Meal: chicken/fish, pasta and veggies

Favorite Movies: "Troy", "V for Vendetta", "Thank You for Smoking" and "Wedding Crashers"

Favorite Musical Artists: Eminem, Kanye West, John Mayer, Kings of Leon

Favorite Place Visited for Competition: Prague, Czech Republic

January Domestic Qualifier in Colorado Springs: 5th

December Domestic Qualifier in Colorado Springs: 5th
World Championships (Moscow, Russia): did not advance past semifinals
U.S. National Championships (Colorado Springs): SILVER
NORCECA Championships (Guadalajara, Mexico): 9th individual/SILVER in team event with Eli Bremer and Nathan Schrimsher
Domestic Qualifier in Palm Springs, Calif.: 5th

Domestic Qualifier in Colorado Springs: 13th
Pan American Championships (Individual): GOLD
2010  Pan American Championships (Team): GOLD
2010  World Championships (China): 48th (Individual); 8th (Team Relay); 7th (Mixed Relay)
World Cup Final (Moscow, Russia): 34th
World Cup #5 (Berlin, Germany): 53rd
World Cup #3 (Medway, Great Britain): 19th
2010  World Cup #2 (Cairo, Egypt): 20th
2010  World Cup #1 (Playa del Carmen, Mexico): 31st

2009  Pan American Championships (Buenos Aires): SILVER
2009  World Championships (Great Britain): 14th
2009  U.S. Nationals (Palm Springs, Calif.): SILVER
2009  NORCECA (Palm Springs, Calif.): 5th
2009  World Cup #4 (Rome): 39th
2009  World Cup #3 (Budapest): 43rd
2009  World Cup #1 (Mexico City): 24th

2008  World Cup #5 (Kladno): 59th
2008  World Cup #1 (Cairo): 78th
2008  Pan American/NORCECA Senior Champs. (Mexico City): 14th

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