Personal info: What are your goals? Why does your sport interest you?

I shot my first arrow on my 10th birthday, and began shooting competitively two years later after which I knew I wanted to be in the Olympic Games someday. My dream comes closer everyday thanks to my family and all who have supported me along the way.

Competition Results:

Hold 7 California state records

Several State Championships

National (Top 3 and Better)

2005 cadet 3rd place joad nationals Florida

Other Accomplishments:

(What and when?)

Senior Girl Scout Gold Award

What is your favorite movie? To name just a few:  Funny Face, The Sting, Chinatown, Pan's Labyrinth, The Science of Sleep, Volver, Amelie, Dan in Real Life, and Dreamgirls.

Who is your favorite movie star?

Male: Paul Newman     Female: Lauren Bacall

Where is your favorite place to travel/visit? Home

Other Professional, Educational, or Outstanding Accomplishments:

Currently a student at USC Film School