• 2010 Olympic Winter Games


  • U.S. Olympic Team Trials: 2009 (champion), 2005 (5th), 1998, 1992
  • U.S. National Championships: 2009 (champion), 2007 (8th), 2006 (5th), 2005 (5th), 2004 (5th), 1997, 1998 (5th)
  • World Curling Championships: 2009
  • U.S. Junior Nationals: 1987
  • Minnesota State Men's Championship: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001
  • Minnesota State Junior Men's Championships: 1990, 1989, 1988, 1987 (champion), 1986
  • USCA Men's Second Chance: 2004 (qualified for Nationals), 2003, 2001, 1999, 1998 (qualified for Nationals)


Position: Lead
Teammates: Jason Smith, Jeff Isaacson, John Shuster
Delivers: Right-handed
Curls out of: St. Paul Curling Club
Occupation: Operating systems analyst with Fairview Health Services of Minnesota
Year started curling: 1975
Nickname: 'Nilla
Education: Microsoft and Novell certified
Hobbies: Bass fishing, golf

  • Curling start: "I began curling with my family at age 6. Almost all of my 11 brothers and sisters have curled at one time or another."
  • What he enjoys most about curling: "My favorite aspect of the game is the 'team concept.' When four players learn to communicate and trust each other, great things can happen."
  • Curling goals: "I hope to one day be a part of a team that represents our country at the world level. The World Championship would be great, but the Olympics is the ultimate goal."
  • Career goals: "In business, I am an operating systems analyst or 'computer geek.' I hope to eventually move in to a management role in the IT industry."