Claire is from Los Gatos, CA and this is her 5th year on national team. She just graduated from Los Gatos high school and is taking classes at Diablo Valley College and planning on transferring to St. Mary's college and studying chemistry. She's excited to be on her first senior
national team and training to bring the USA back!!

Awards/Honors: Ella Peckham Nomination, Student of the Month, 4.0 GPA throughout all years of schooling.

Goal: Win a medal for the USA in the Olympics

Athletic Achievements: 2015 FINA World Championships Team Tech 10th, Team Free 12th; Pan Am Games Team 3rd; 2015 U.S. Open Team Tech 1st; 2015 U.S. National Championships Team Free 1st; 2014 U.S. Open Junior Team 1st; 2014 FINA World Junior Championships Team 8th; 2013 UANA Pan American Championships Team 1st; 2013 U.S. Junior National Championships Team 1st, Duet 3rd, Solo 5th; 2013 FINA World Trophy Duet 7th; 2012 US Jr Nationals Team 2nd, Duet 2nd, Solo 7th; 2011 US Jr Nationals Team 5th, Duet 7th, Solo 8th;  2010 eSynchro Age Group Championships Team 2nd, Duet 3rd; 2009 eSynchro Age Group Championships Team 2nd; 2008 eSynchro Age Group Championships Team 1st, Duet 2nd; 2007 eSynchro Age Group Championships Team 2nd, Figures 8th; 2006 eSynchro Age Group Championships Team 3rd

Fun Facts about Claire
Your favorite song: Lay Me Down by Sam Smith
Your favorite food: Blueberry pancakes
Your favorite sport (beside synchro): Dance
Your favorite Athlet: Gemma Mengual
Your inspiration: Photo of the 1996 team crying after winning gold
Your perfect day off: Sleeping in, taking a walk, going out to eat and seeing a movie
Your favorite movie: We're the Millers
Your favorite TV show: Friday Night Lights

If Claire was… (She would be)
An animal? Otter
A time of the day? Morning
A season? Summer
A dessert? Oreo milkshake
A brand? Nike
A hot beverage? Hot chocolate
A metal? Gold :)
A super hero? Super woman
A super power? Flying
A color? Blue
A city? La Jolla, CA
A vacation destination? Venice, Italy